Why Recruiters Are a Crucial Part of Your Job Search

The world of healthcare travel can be a perplexing one. Among the many details that tend to confound healthcare travelers, planning for and applying to multiple travel positions ranks near the top of the list. When you add in additional hurdles like navigating the interviewing process and figuring out compensation, it can make for a rather taxing dilemma. Thankfully, dedicated recruiters exist to help you along the path. Explore how they can benefit your job search:

Recruiters Are Interested in Your Success

At first glance, you might look at recruiters as little more than a compendium of knowledge about the healthcare travel industry. While they certainly possess a wealth of knowledge, as is their duty, the wonders of working with a recruiter go deeper, to the genuine investment they have in your professional development. In getting to know you, they can identify the opportunities that best fit, and guide you to opportunities that will help further your career.

Furthermore, upon finding these opportunities, a good recruiter will help you prepare to seize upon the moment as best they can, aiding you in perfecting your resume and providing training to help improve your interviewing skills. These are facets that you could conceivably work on solo, but will progress much more efficiently when you have a recruiter who knows the ropes working with you.

The Best Resources for Everything Healthcare Travel

As mentioned earlier that recruiters are a font of knowledge, something that will come in handy when you’re trying to make sense of the myriad steps involved in going after a new assignment. There are certain licensing requirements you must obtain as a healthcare traveler to work in various states, for instance, along with proof you’ve had a recent physical examination and immunizations against certain diseases, among other things. Knowing what you’ll need and keeping track of it all can become dizzying, but a recruiter is there to help you stay on top of the paperwork.

Before heading to a new assignment, you might be lost about what steps you’ll need to take to secure short-term housing. Again, your recruiter has the knowledge you need and can explain how letting an agency handle your housing arrangements compares to taking a stipend to essentially “doing it yourself,” along with the best practices that accompany that latter path. Additionally, your recruiter has probably had other travelers in your location, which means they have a hookup when it comes to housing advice.

apartment-architecture-art-276724Finally, when it comes to explaining how benefits and per diems factor into your compensation, no one can do it quite like a recruiter can. They’ve been around the block, stay up to date on changes in the rules, and can break it all down for you in the most plain terms possible.

There for You Throughout Your Assignment

A good recruiter’s job doesn’t just end once you’ve accepted an assignment and hit the road, mind you. They’re still there for you, even after you’ve started a temporary travel assignment. If you have questions about a location, are curious about how you can make the most of your assignment, or just need a bit of encouragement to do your best, they’re willing to listen and eager to help you down the road to success as a kind of “personal cheerleader.” Don’t hesitate to turn to them for advice.


When it comes to healthcare travel, a good recruiter is a vital asset, so much so we might say they’re a necessity. If you’re ready to learn more about healthcare travel and how the recruiters at Triage Staffing can guide you to success, we recommend you explore the Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Travel, and check out our allied and travel nurse jobs page to learn more.