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Advice for New Healthcare Travelers

Advice for New Healthcare Travelers (from Experienced Travelers)

Taking the leap and trying something new can be both exciting and terrifying. We know that for healthcare professionals considering travel, the questions seem endless. Recently, we asked our current travelers to share the best advice they could offer to someone who is new to travel or thinking about making the switch. We have received […]
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Nurse Patient Communication

Building Effective Nurse-Patient Communication: 8 Key Strategies

Your patients trust you during some of the most vulnerable, uncertain, and worrisome moments of their lives. They look to you for answers in these critical times, as well as support and medical treatment. But here’s the thing—your ability to adequately help them (and their ability to trust the decisions you make regarding their care) […]
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block scheduling for nurses

Block Scheduling for Nurses: Expert Tips to Get the Schedule You Want 

If you’re considering working as a traveling nurse, you’re likely weighing the different types of nursing schedules available. If that’s the case, a block scheduling option might be on your list.  The following article offers a one-stop shop for all the information you need to determine whether block scheduling is for you. It explores block […]
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