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Are Nurses Allowed to Have Tattoos

Are Nurses Allowed to Have Tattoos? An Expert Guide to Tattoo Policies 

About 30% of individuals in the US have tattoos — and maybe you’re one of them. Even in healthcare, it’s not rare to see people proudly displaying their ink. Tattoos are like permanent life stories on our skin, capturing memories, milestones, beliefs, or personal passions that stay with us forever.  But how much ink is […]
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BHM-Dorothy Height

Black History Month: Dr. Dorothy Height

This month we’re highlighting prominent Black figures in the medical field and next up is Dr. Dorothy Height. photo by Adrian Hood – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Dr. Height was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1912 and grew up outside of Pittsburgh. She was a gifted speaker and student who won a oratorical […]
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