Physical Therapy Memes to Celebrate PT Month

It’s Physical Therapy Month and to celebrate we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite PT memes. Do you have a favorite? Connect with us on social or email [email protected] and share it with us. We just might feature it.

PT meme 2

Every PT knows this. Laughter has nothing on a treatment plan, a great PT and a patient who actually follows through on their treatment.

PT meme 4

Surgery has its place, but it’s a major event for most people. PTs know, there’s real benefits in giving physical therapy a chance before going under the knife.

PT meme 3

Got pain? Try physical therapy first!

PT Meme 1

Ohhh yeah. Get this party started.

PT meme 6

It’s a great day when your patient graduates to needing weight to strengthen their bodies. When those exercises get too easy, it’s time to make a change!

To all physical therapists and especially those traveling with #TeamTriage, we wish you a very happy Physical Therapy Month! If you’re not yet traveling with Triage, find all our travel physical therapy jobs on our job board or reach out and connect with a recruiter today.