The Best Side Hustles For Nurses (and Everyone Else in Healthcare)

Healthcare travelers have some hustle. Who else would leave their homes, families and friends for 13 weeks at a time and launch themselves into new towns, facilities and situations over and over again? We know that travel nurses, as well as rehab, lab and cardio pros, have extra drive and grit.

We think that’s why it’s so common for travelers to have a side hustle. Whether you’ve been side hustlin’ for years or you’re looking for a new one, here are a couple of our faves.

The Triage Referral Program

We know we’re completely biased with this, but our referral program just got an overhaul and we’re so excited. We’ve had one for a long time, but we’ve now launched a referral dashboard that allows all travelers to accurately track where their referrals are in the process so that you’ll know exactly when you can expect your payout. For instance, you’ll be able to see if a recruiter has connected with your referral and even if your referral is avoiding your recruiter’s calls.

You don’t even need to be on assignment to get paid. If you’ve stepped back from traveling and aren’t on assignment, Triage will issue a payment and a 1099. If you’re on assignment you’ll be paid just as if it’s one of your paychecks. It’s the easiest $750 you’ll make and there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

If you had to leave a furry friend behind on assignment, taking care of someone else’s pet gives you the opportunity to play with pets, without worrying about taking care of them full time or while you’re at work. The Rover or Wag app or are all great places to connect with potential pet parents. It’s a great way to make some extra cash since you can work when and how much you want, plus you even get to set your own rates.

Deliver Groceries or Take Out With Delivery Apps

Delivery apps really took off during the pandemic and they’re still popular. If you’re looking to make quick cash, these are definitely one way. Even better, you don’t need to do much to get started and you really only need a vehicle, a driver’s license and insurance. Additionally, because this is a true side gig, you can choose how much and when you want to work. If you’re willing to spend a little more time, you can shop for customers’ groceries using Shipt or Instacart—these apps can pay slightly more, but you will spend more time on each order. If you just want to do pick-ups and deliveries, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Door Dash or even Walmart allow you to drop off orders at someone’s door without even talking to someone.

Use Your Social Media Following

If your friends always turn to you for advice when it comes to what to buy? Turn that into a social media following and monetize it. Everyone always thinks they need a huge following to get brand deals from major bands, but a lot of brands will look for “micro influencers” with smaller, but loyal followings. However, nearly anyone can become an affiliate for major brands. Companies like Walmart and Amazon routinely partner with people who share their favorite products with a special affiliate link. When someone clicks the link and then shops at that store, the affiliate receives a kickback. It’s typically a small percentage of the total purchase price, but it can add up quickly. If a major following of yours is in the medical profession, you can even share your Triage Referral link and make some extra money that way too.

Know someone looking for allied or travel nurse jobs? We’d love to make friends.