Refer a Friend, Spouse, Neighbor, Whatever

If they rock, we’ll give you up to $750.

When it comes to making a decision, there is nothing like the opinion of a trusted source to put your mind at ease. Whether it’s a questionably funky new restaurant, a BIG purchase, or new hair stylist, a recommendation always goes a long way. In healthcare travel, that is doubly true. When you refer a friend to Triage, you’re not only telling us they have the skills we need, you’re telling your friend we’re the best company to take them forward in their career.

If you send us someone who becomes a travel nurse or allied traveler, we’ll give you up to $750 bucks, because you just made our job easier.

Any Friend of Yours Is a Friend of Ours. Join the Triage Referral Program

We know that referring your friends is a big deal. We promise to shoot them straight and treat them with respect. Because even the best positions aren’t 100% flawless, we’re perfectly honest about what isn’t perfect. We can still help your friends find an awesome gig.

Why join Triage’s referral program?

Earn $750 for each friend who works 400 hours with Triage.

When you join the Triage Referral Program, we’ll give you a unique URL that you can send directly to your friends or post on social media. When someone clicks your link, they’ll be added to your personal dashboard so you can track their progress.

Speaking of this dashboard, you’ll be able to see all your referrals in one place. Have a friend who’s ghosting a Triage recruiter? You’ll see their progress and can give them a little nudge to get them moving.

The Triage Referral Program is the easiest side-hustle you can find. Submit the form to join and let’s make it official.