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Traveling as a Team

Traveling solo can be extremely therapeutic and something we recommend everyone tries at least once. However, we’re not going to lie, it can get lonely at times. You’re in a new place without a built-in social network, and 13 weeks on assignment may not give you enough time to develop one. If traveling solo is […]
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Spring Cleaning Tips Every Traveling Medical Pro Should Know

Finally, a reprieve from the dark despair of winter. (SAD anyone?) Welcome back sunshine, longer days and promising weather. Time to dive back into outdoor activities, wear fewer layers and our favorite springtime activity— spring cleaning. Whether you are gearing up for your first travel assignment or finishing your seventeenth, taking a good hard look […]
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How to Manage Stress on Assignment

There’s little doubt that medical travelers are some of the most dedicated professionals around, bar none. Most go above and beyond in carrying out their jobs. It should be no surprise, that in an inherently demanding industry like healthcare, stress is a common complaint. Thankfully, dealing with work-induced stress can be a manageable task. Explore […]
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