Let’s be friends. . . with benefits.

Let’s be friends. . . with benefits.

With Triage, life on the road doesn’t mean leaving your benefits behind.

You can take advantage of all the same benefits your permanent counterparts have; and some they don’t. Can you say day one 401k?

Health Coverage

We offer Day One (yup, very first day on assignment) comprehensive, nationwide plans that include a Health Savings account.


We’ve honestly never understood why insurance for your teeth is separate from the rest of your body. But it is, so here we are and we’ve got your chompers covered with MetLife.


And while we are at it, why are eyes covered separately? Regardless, your peepers can be covered through our MetLife vision plan.


With our 401(k) plan, you can start contributing immediately. Plus we offer a safe harbor matching contribution after a specified waiting period. That’s called free money.

Go deep.

If you’re looking for even more information about life as a Triage traveler, check out our Healthcare Travel Guide

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Turn in your timecard on time and you get paid weekly. How much you’ll get paid varies assignment-to-assignment. We strive to be as transparent as possible about this part of the process.

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