Triage Plus MSP

The Triage You Know—The Healthcare Workforce Solutions You’ll Want to Know

Have you met Triage Plus? It’s okay if you haven’t.

Nice to meet you.

The company that’s well-known in the traveler world with a big reputation in the staffing industry now offers its own managed service provider. And while we say provider, we really mean partner.

Triage Plus is here to help you identify your needs and turn our years of experience and expertise into a workforce solution that works for you.

Waiting to dive into the MSP world is actually by design. During the pandemic, we identified unique needs that appeared and now we’re prepared to hit them head on, making us an ideal partner if you’re looking for an MSP. We’re solving today’s problems, not issues from five years ago.

World-Class Fulfillment, the Way You Want It

Want Triage Plus to identify outstanding clinical talent, while our compliance team ensures that healthcare providers meet your strict standards?

We can take care of it from start to finish. Triage Plus can help you streamline your labor processes with a focus on patient care alongside risk mitigation.

Want a little more control? Our existing relationships with strategic industry partners widen our talent pool even further. You’re in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re planning to create from scratch, augment or replace your existing workforce solution, Triage Plus can make it happen.

The Tech You Need, Backed by a Team You Didn’t Know You Needed

Triage Plus technology provides what you need without the fluff you don’t.

Need to share a high overview with your CEO? We can make that happen, while dialing down into more granular info for your human resources or clinical staff. It’s one way Triage Plus provides full transparency and visibility alongside a flexible configuration.

Aren’t sure what you need? That’s where our team comes in.

Our Team

With years of experience in the staffing industry, our team has the background and knowledge to help you determine the right solutions for your situation. We’re here to help.

Our partners always have one point of contact, one contract and one invoice. But that’s not where it ends. Standing behind our consultants is a full team that’s always ready to jump in and make improvements. Triage is constantly growing and evolving and we’re bringing that same attitude to Triage Plus.

Interested in Learning More?

Know the FAQs

Our clinical team will collaborate closely with your staff to understand your specific needs and challenges. An MSP partnership empowers you to identify the best clinical talent, control costs and manage a diverse vendor panel. All with one point of contact, one invoice and one contract.

Triage Plus recognizes the diverse staffing requirements of healthcare facilities. Apart from clinical roles, we also provide support for non-clinical positions to ensure comprehensive staffing solutions.

Absolutely. Triage Plus is designed to seamlessly integrate and support your Internal Resource Pool, ensuring that your in-house talent is efficiently utilized before exploring external staffing options.

Triage Plus is committed to delivering value to our partners. Our advanced technology platform is designed to enhance your staffing processes without imposing additional costs on your hospital or healthcare facility.