Work at Triage

Think HQ could use someone like you?

Work at Triage

Think HQ could use someone like you?

Even if the most advanced medical technique you’re familiar with is administering aspirin, there’s always room for driven individuals at Triage HQ. Helping medical travelers find assignments across the country is fast-paced, challenging work that can be extremely rewarding. You’ll make relationships with professionals across the country and can earn an exceptional living, plus HQ is a pretty cool spot, complete with beer fridges and ping-pong tables that are used daily – not just as ornaments to attract job hopefuls. If all this sounds like something you’d like, too, we may be just the workplace you’re looking for.

 “Working at Triage is challenging but immensely rewarding.”

Chad S. – Digital Marketing Manager

 “I love helping my travelers find their next “right thing”–growing in their career, seeing that bucket list location– whatever it is motivating them.”

Robyn R. – Nursing Recruiter

 “I enjoy the challenging, fast-paced environment, and the ping pong table on site isn’t too shabby .”

Ryan R. – Radiology Account Manager and 2019 Octopong Champ

 “I love that I get to work with great people who consistently make me laugh every single day….for the first time in my life, I look forward to coming to work each and every day!”

Amanda M. – Account Manager, Rehab Therapy

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