That gig near the ocean may not be a day at the beach.

And if so, we’ll tell you.

We tell it like it is so you won’t be surprised by how it goes.

At Triage, we believe sweet jobs don’t need sugarcoating. And since even the best positions aren’t 100% flawless, we’re perfectly honest about what isn’t perfect. Management consultants call it “setting expectations.” We call it giving a damn. For you, it means that even if you can’t have everything (you can’t), you can still find an awesome gig.

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New to the biz?

Check out our Healthcare Traveler Guide to learn more about life as a traveler.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Traveler Life

We don’t claim to know everything about every thing, but we do have a pretty good handle on ins, outs, ups and downs of medical traveling. And we hope this blog proves we also have a handle on making those things interesting.


Meet Triage Staffing’s Featured Travelers, Brittany and Shelby

We like to ask each featured traveler to tell us about themselves and what sparked their decision to travel with Triage. Read on to learn more about Brittany and Shelby.

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Wheel Camper

Take It From an RV Traveler

Ever thought about skipping the short-term housing option in favor of a recreational vehicle? We asked Tanya, a Medical Laboratory Technician, about her experiences traveling the country in her fifth wheel RV.

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Inc. Magazine recently recognized Triage as one of America’s most successful companies. Successful at what? Finding you your best next thing.

Since 2017, Triage has been ranked as one of the Top 5 Best Travel Nursing Companies by Bluepipes. That’s out of over 250 staffing companies nationwide. And we don’t plan on letting this streak end anytime soon.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Based on research by two independent firms, The Gypsy Nurse named Triage as the winner of its Most Loyal Award (as in our recruiters are loyal to you) and its Best Assignment Concierge Award (best connections to the best facilities in the best locations).

Highway Hypodermics Top 10
Traveler resource site named Triage as one of the Top 10 staffing companies in America based upon reviews by their own users.