travel nurse dress code

Travel Nurse Dress Code: What Does a Nurse Wear on Assignment?

Nurse uniforms are more than just clothing — they are a symbol of care, dedication, and hygiene. But have you ever wondered how the dress code for nurses has evolved over the years? From Florence Nightingale’s iconic white dress and cap to today’s modern scrubs, the evolution is fascinating. Florence Nightingale, the world’s first professional […]
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Travel Nurse Packing Hacks

Travel Nurse Packing List: 12 Tips You Should Consider

Why choose between your love of travel and the need to make a regular paycheck? Travel nursing (and allied healthcare travel) offers the best of both worlds. Embrace the spontaneity of exploring new places while putting your medical professionalism to use and earning a steady paycheck. To have the best travel nursing experience, you’ll need […]
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Travel nurse wellness

Travel Nurse Wellness: Strategies for Maintaining Mental Health in Nursing

Nursing is an inherently demanding profession, both physically and mentally. The average nurse faces long hours on their feet and deals with high-stress levels daily. For travel nurses, these challenges can be even greater, amplified by the added pressures of adapting to new environments quickly, varying workplace cultures, and frequently changing routines.  Several studies show […]
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