Your Assignment’s Ending: What Next?

Any seasoned medical traveler knows just how fast 13 weeks can fly by. If you’re new to traveling though, it might surprise you the first time you’re approaching the end of your assignment. Before you say goodbye to your current gig, here’s what’s next.

Four weeks out—chat up your recruiter

When your assignment end date is about four weeks out, now’s the time to chat up your recruiter. If you like your current department, ask about an extension. It’s much easier for the facility to have you back because they won’t need to worry about retraining or finding someone to fill your spot.

But, if you’re not into staying or you want to move on to a new location, your recruiter can help. Take a few minutes to check in (a phone call is so much easier) and let your recruiter know what you’re looking for. Is location more important? Or are you willing to go anywhere to chase that money? Once your recruiter understands your needs and wants, he or she will be able to set you up with a few options.

Two weeks out—get that reference & update your profile

It’s likely your next assignment is going to need a reference from your most recent supervisor. When you’re a couple weeks out from your assignment end date, make sure that you ask your supervisor for a reference letter. This gives them a little bit of time to get it done—before you leave.

Once you have that reference, get it uploaded into your Kamana profile and add this recent assignment to your resume. Boom. You’re ready for your next gig.

Last day—consider your insurance

Triage has Day One insurance, which means that your benefits end the last day you work. However, if you have a new assignment that’s scheduled to start within 26 days, your insurance will carry over, allowing you to stay insured with Triage during that break in assignments. One thing to note—your insurance premiums are still due and will be taken out of your paychecks when your new assignment starts back up.

If you’re taking a break longer than 26 days, you’re eligible for COBRA. Our benefits team can help with COBRA if you decide to go this route.

Looking for a new gig? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you’re new to medical traveling, Triage has hundreds of jobs available. Check out our job board here.