Traveling With a Partner: How to Make it Work

Traveling is more fun when you’ve got someone along with you. While some people have a travel buddy, others are lucky enough to travel with their other half. If you’re traveling with a spouse or partner, here’s how you can make it work.

Traveling with a Partner if You’re Both Traveling Pros

If you’re both traveling healthcare workers, one way to make sure you get assignments in the same location is to use the same recruiter, or at least the same agency. If you’re a PT and your partner is an RN, you’ll want two recruiters who work together to get you located where you want to go together. This is why you want two recruiters from the same agency. They can help ensure the facility knows you’re a package deal and make sure you get the assignments you both want. If you’re traveling with a partner who’s also a healthcare pro, also make sure it’s written in your contract that you will work most of the same shifts, especially if you want to explore the area together on your off days.

Traveling with a Partner if One of You is a Remote Worker

One of the positives to come out of the Covid pandemic is how prevalent remote work has become. Companies that previously balked at allowing remote work are now understanding what many workers often said: remote workers can be as productive as their in-person counterparts, depending on the position. If you’re bringing a partner along, make sure that you’re living in a location that’s conducive to remote work. You may want to find an Airbnb or corporate housing apartment so that you have a separate space for your partner to work, as well as a place for you to relax on your off days while they’re working. If you do choose a hotel instead of an apartment, check that there’s strong WIFI that’s included in the price of the hotel so you don’t end up spending a lot on daily WIFI fees in a hotel.

Traveling with a Partner if One is a Stay at Home Parent

If one of you is a stay at home parent to a tiny person or two, you may want to look for housing near some kid-friendly activities or at least a park or two. This way you can ensure that your kids have the opportunity to run off some energy outside of your apartment or hotel suite, which is especially important if the traveler is working long hours or nights. If you have a zoo pass or other activity pass for attractions near your home, check to see if they have a reciprocal admission program. This can get you into to attractions near your travel assignment for free or at a discount.

Who do you travel with? If you’re looking for allied and travel nurse jobs for you and a travel buddy, check out the Triage job board or connect with a recruiter today.