Respiratory Therapy Memes to Celebrate Respiratory Care Week

It’s Respiratory Care Week and we didn’t forget about you! To help celebrate, we’ve created a list of our favorite respiratory therapy memes. Are we missing your favorite? Send us an email to [email protected] and share it with us, or connect with us on social media.

respiratory meme2

RTs have a different skill set than RNs, that’s for sure. During the pandemic, everyone suddenly had a new-found appreciation for RTs and just how much they do. But, thankfully, they can pass when a patient is throwing poo and ripping out IVs.

respiratory meme4

Don’t mess with an RT! Like Liam Neeson, they do have a special set of skills.

respiratory meme3

All joking aside, thanks to all respiratory therapists for all you do. Your work matters, especially the last few years and we’re all appreciative of your work. Happy Respiratory Care Week!

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