Smartphone Apps Every Medical Traveler Needs

As a medical traveler, your phone is your lifeline. It’s your way to communicate with friends and family, a map in your pocket for navigating new cities and a place to house all your personal information. If you’re looking for a way to be even more dependent on your cell phone (as, if!), here are a couple must-have smart phone apps. 


We know—we sound like a broken record over here, but we’re such big fans of Kamana. It’s a web app (so you won’t find it in the app store) that allows you to house all your compliance and credentialing information, without having to lug around a huge paper file. Snap a pic of important documents, like your professional license, and Kamana keeps everything in one spot to make it easy to track.  

Also, Kamana lets you create one profile and then share it with anyone you choose. No more filling out a new profile when you want to explore a different agency. Kamana lets you click a link and share a limited or full profile with your recruiter.  

Visit to create your Kamana profile or share your existing profile with Triage.  


When you’re on the road, knowing where the nearest gas station is can be vital. The last thing you want to do is get on the road and then get stranded in the middle of nowhere. With GasBuddy, you can use your location to find gas stations and even the price of gas at the station.  

You can download an app or just visit  


Do you travel with a furry friend? If so, Rover is a great place to find someone to come walk you pup during those long days at work. Or, use it to find a doggy daycare, which means your dog will be just as tired as you are after a long day at work.  

Rover has an app in the app store, or you can visit  


Even caregivers need care. With BetterHelp, you can connect with a professional, licensed therapist. With more than 15,000 therapists in its online program, you can choose from video or phone calls and there’s even a messaging option.  

Prices range from $60-90 per week. BetterHelp has an app, or you can access it at Similar services include Talkspace and Cerebral.  


NurseGrid is a scheduling app that nursing managers can use to communicate with staff. While you won’t be able to fully use it unless your hospital or unit also uses NurseGrid, it’s used by more than half a million nurses in thousands of hospitals across the country.  

Get NurseGrid on the Apple or Google Play app stores. 


Whether you’re looking for a way to disconnect and meditate for a few minutes or you’re having problems sleeping and need something to help you at the end of the day in an unfamiliar setting, Calm can help. Calm has both a free and paid version, but if you’re looking for Matthew McConaughey to read you a bedtime story, you’ll have to pony up for the paid version.  

What apps can’t you live without when you’re on the road? Got any suggestions? If you’re a current #TeamTriage traveler, head over to our exclusive Facebook group and let us know what your favorites are. If you’re not yet rollin’ with #TeamTriage, check out our allied and travel nurse jobs and connect with a recruiter today.