Telehealth Options for Traveling Healthcare Pros

You know when you’re on a plane and they’re going over the safety briefing? They always say to take care of yourself and put your own mask on before helping others. There’s a good reason for this while on the plane—if oxygen is required, you run the risk of losing consciousness and then you can’t help anyone. 

The same is true when you’re a healthcare traveler. If you’re constantly worrying about others, you can’t adequately take care of yourself. That’s where telehealth comes into the picture. Check out these telehealth options that can help you put yourself first. 

One thing to note: These telehealth options may not accept Triage-sponsored health plans and costs may be out of pocket. 


Teladoc can be used if you have minor health concerns, such as ear infections, sinus infections and pink eye. It’s also possible to seek dermatology care, receive mental health counseling and even primary care. 

Dr on Demand

Like Teladoc, Dr on Demand helps connect patients with a