Taking a Summer Assignment: Our Faves

Spring has sprung in much of the country, which means it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to spend your summer. Need a little inspiration? We’ve got some of our travelers’ favorite locations for the summer if you’re looking for your newest assignment.


Arizona in the summer? Yeah, it’s hot, but as locals say, “it’s a dry heat.” If you’ve ever spent the summer in a humid environment, you’ll understand what that means. Humidity is low in Arizona so even though it’s hot, it’s more comfortable than a lot of places. Plus, air conditioning is everywhere. Nighttime lows are comfortable, in the 70s and 80s.

There’s plenty to do in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is the most famous landmark and it’s about  three hours from Phoenix and five hours from Tucson, making it a great getaway for a few days while on assignment in Arizona. But that’s not the only national park you can check off your list while in Arizona. Saguaro National Park is just 15 miles outside of Tucson. If nostalgia is your jam, check out Tombstone, a frontier town from the 1870s, or Route 66, the famous highway goes right through Arizona.

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The upper Midwest, including Minnesota, is a great place to spend the summer. Minnesota is gorgeous and known for its lakes. June has been described as “near perfect” with temperatures in the upper 70s with just a little bit of humidity. Later on in the summer, both temperature and humidity ramps up, but it’s still pleasant. Minnesota Public Radio put together a list of the “must not miss” Minnesota summer activities. We know more than to try to out local the locals, so we’ll just highlight a few of our favorites from their list. You can find the full list here.

  • Cross the Mississippi River—by foot: Lake Itasca in Itasca State Park is the start of the Mississippi River, but it’s possible to cross it on foot. Three months later, the water is in the Gulf of Mexico!
  • Check out a fair: The Minnesota State Fair takes place each year in late August and is the best attended state fair in the country. You can check out animals, from traditional fair animals like horses, cattle, sheep and goats, birds and pigs, plus llamas and alpacas, stunt dogs and raptor demos and even a butterfly house. But every fair is most know for its food. You’ll find traditional fair food like corn dogs and funnel cakes, but look for unique Minnesota treats like cheesecake curds, a bacon wrapped hot dog served in a waffle, a lutefisk steam bun and a dill pickle cheese curd taco. Come hungry!
  • Visit a craft brewery: There are over 100 breweries throughout the state, but if you’re not a fan of beer, many also serve their own sodas.

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Pacific Northwest

Although folks think of constant rain when they think of the Pacific Northwest, it actually only rains 5-7 days a month during the summer months. Temperatures are really comfortable too, especially if you don’t love the heat. If you’re at a lower altitude, you can expect highs in the 80s, but if you’re at a higher elevation, drop that by about 10 degrees to the 70s. And the Pacific Northwest is home to a number of National Parks so it’s the perfect place to go experience nature. Here are the parks you can find:

  • Crater Lake National Park—Southwest Oregon
  • North Cascades National Park—North Washington
  • Mount Rainier National Park—Central Washington
  • Olympic National Park—Northwest Washington
  • Redwood National Park—North California

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