Triage Triumphs: January 2024

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

One of many of several agencies to contact me about travel opportunities but by far the best! My recruiter had been nothing but helpful, answering me at all hours, during the week, on weekends and even on holidays!—Kristina

I love this group! I’ve been working for Triage for about three years and Angie has been my recruiter. I’ve always had wonderful assignments and she is always ready to answer all my questions. She is on top of it!! This was a day off while in Maine!—Signe

I work as a travel tech with Triage and they are the best company I’ve worked for.—Ebony

In the vernacular of fishing, after 2 months of effort I was getting a lot of strikes but nothing caught until Abbey landed me a job. She was efficient and clear in helping me get back to work.—Jeffry

I just recently signed up with Triage and i am currently on my first assignment with them. Everyone has been great so far. My recruiter Abbey has been amazing at being responsive and communicating with me. The onboarding team also made the onboarding process a breeze!—Corey

This is the first time I’ve taken a contract with Triage, and I love it! My recruiter Jeff, is great and I would recommend him to anyone!—Ashley

My recruiter was Ross. He was amazing at finding me contracts that were in areas that I needed. Always available whenever I had a problem. Would definitely enjoy working with him again.—Gennifer

I am a new traveler and while I sought out multiple different companies, Triage was definitely the best decision!! My recruiter, Eliza, has been nothing short of amazing! She is genuine towards me and my new career as a travel tech which has made me so comfortable and confident going into my first of many contracts to come. Could not recommend her or this company more!—Devon

Just started my first assignment with Triage. So far everything has been great. My recruiter Anna has been very helpful and informative. Look forward to many more contracts.—Darby

As a traveler for a couple years, I’ve been with multiple companies. No one has stood out more than Triage. Their supportive and attentive group of not only recruiters but support staff was easily and readily available ALWAYS. Whenever I had an issue with something relevant to my travel, they were understanding and quick to resolve the problem, respectively. I will continue to recommend Triage Staffing to friends, family, and anyone looking for travel assignments.—Hannah

Working with Triage has been one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to triage my family and I have traveled to some pretty cool areas. (and made amazing money) However my success would not be possible without my recruiter, Matt. Matt is beyond dependable. He will spend as much time as needed working on getting me the best placement. Unlike some other recruiters, Matt will treat you more as a friend rather then “just another tech.” This is the reason I have already referred him to other techs wanting to travel. If my success was an equation, it would simply be TRIAGE + MATT = ME VERY HAPPY.—Gregory

I’m a traveling PT and have worked with my recruiter since just about the very beginning. Definitely trust Tom to look out for what’s best and trust his opinion on placements. I don’t work with any other agency b/c of my experience with Tom and Triage.—Rob

Grateful for the overall assistance and hard works rendered by Trisha and the team, who relentlessly followed up and made phone calls so I can start travel employment on time.
And most of all, a big applause to my recruiter, Chris, who initiates all the works and put on the best team for my smooth transition to the travel job. Thanks much, Triage Staffing.—Marina

Triage is a great company. I’ve been working with Triage for almost 7 years and it is my recruiter that has made the difference for me. J has always me feel he has my best interest in mind. I have not once had an issue that he hasn’t taken care of immediately. I’ve been able to go to locations that were on my wish list. J is always straightforward with any information he gives me and knows me well. I appreciate that. Triage has a great team all the way around and I’m proud to be part of it!—Teresa

My recruiter is Ryan and he is absolutely awesome. He works with me to find me exactly what I want. He checks in with me twice a week and sometimes more. If I have any problems or issues He works hard to get them fixed as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend working with Ryan at Triage.—Lori

After taking a year hiatus from healthcare, I decided to try traveling and looked around for options at a few different companies. Once I discovered Triage, I knew it was the right fit and reached out about the possibility of signing on with them. My recruiter, Tom, got in touch and spent over an hour on the phone with me getting to know my site preferences and capabilities. He even took the time to get to know me better by talking with me about my family. He found a range of options for different assignments and communicated the details of each with full transparency. Every Triage team member I interacted with during the pre-employment process was extremely friendly, helpful, and forthcoming. I was able to land an amazing first assignment and couldn’t be happier about it! I’m even hoping to be able to extend my contract as many times as possible. I feel confident knowing that Tom and the entire Triage team have my best interests at heart, and feel very grateful that my big leap of faith has paid off in spades!—Alida

Starting my first contract with Triage and the transition has been incredibly smooth and efficient. My recruiter, Jeff, has been consistently honest and accommodating with all my needs. Triage has offered a fantastic experience, and I’m eagerly anticipating more exciting adventures with the company!—Jocelyn

This is my first assignment with Triage has been a smooth easy process. My recruiter Jared is always on top of things and I look forward to traveling with Triage in the future.—Jacinque

I’ve been traveling for a couple of years but just recently took my first assignment with Triage. Brooke is an AWESOME recruiter. Highly recommend!—Andrea

Sydney has been great to work with. I really like their web page and how the jobs are listed on it. They seem to post all of the jobs in my search range not just the ones that are priority to them. Also, their timesheet app is one of the better I’ve used!—John

So happy that I am with Triage Staffing! and shout out to Tom for making this such an easy transition!! It has been such a great experience from the very start , from talking with Tom and getting all my questions answered about getting into the travel tech world ,to the on- boarding team and getting everything ready to begin my new adventure to getting my first assignment, which is going great!! Thank you to everyone at Triage Staffing for your professionalism and efficiency , making this as easy as it has been!—Corinne

I work with Krista, being my former student she was very professional and has worked hard for me. I will always recommend her as a great person who works hard for me . I am looking forward to continuing working with her and Triage Staffing for the future . Great company.—Jeffrey

Every job is not perfect, but having the right recruiter support you makes all the difference. I have been with Triage and Jared for over two years now, and he has always worked hard to get me the best assignment, in the locations I want. He takes care of any issues I might have right away and is always available to me, especially when I need him.—Christine

10/10 Recommend! I have been with this company for 3 years now! My recruiter is the absolute best! Cindy is easy to get a hold of, great sense of humor, always willing to work for the best outcome for you. I greatly appreciate her and consider her a friend! She truly cares about you, your family and your job. Trust me, she has been through it all with me. I really feel appreciated with this company.—Jessica

My experience with Triage has been great! My recruiter Aaron always listens to my wants and needs, he responds to any question or concern I have quickly and he works very hard to get my next assignment quickly.—Tracie

My recruiter Erynn is amazing! She helps every step of the way and checks on me regularly! Love working with her and for Triage!—Kim

Isabelle and her team at Triage are so great. My first placement with them has been amazing, best job I’ve ever had. This company gives you benefits day one. I worked with a different company in the past, it was 30 days until you got insurance and then ended on the last day of your contract, they also made it a big hassle to get your housing stipend. No hassles with Triage. So glad my friend pushed me to try them out.—Rebecca

Searched around for a travel company and was recommended Triage from a friend, they are great! My recruiter Jared is excellent, he was able to help me out, answering all my questions while walking me throughout the entire process. He made sure to find me just the right places to go for, kept me up to date on everything, and continues to check up on me at regular basis. Definitely recommend Jared as he is awesome! Now enjoying my first travel contract.—K T

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