Top 5 Benefits of Being a Traveling Healthcare Professional

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As a healthcare professional, loving what you do is important. But shouldn’t you also love where you do it? Nobody likes to dread going to work, and taking the road less traveled may lead you to places where you can love both your work and where you do it! That’s just one benefit from joining the wonderful world of traveling healthcare professionals, and we’ve got 5 more for you. If you’ve been toying with the idea of traveling around doing what you love, check ‘em out!

1. People of the World, Spice Up Your Life

Are you the type of person that prefers the variety pack of pop-tarts over just one box of strawberry? Having a variety of choices is what makes breakfast and life interesting, right? Being a traveling healthcare professional can offer you variety just like the pop-tarts box does and so much more. As you choose assignments, you have the ability to pick different cities that you’ve always dreamed of going to but never actually booked the flight. You also have the choice of working in different health systems of all shapes and sizes. Don’t like scraping your windows in the winter? Plan your assignments so you can “fly south” in January. Do you love hikes in the mountains but currently live in Nebraska? You can pick an assignment for the fall to be in Colorado. We have traveling healthcare jobs available in all 50 states!

2. Bend, Don’t Break

Being able to do a backbend is cool, but having a flexible work schedule is even cooler. Having flexibility in when and how much you work gives you the benefit of knowing your limits and making sure you don’t break from a grueling schedule. As a traveler, you have the option to be a workaholic or take some time off for a breather. Most travel engagements are arranged for 13-week blocks, but you can chat with your recruiter about your unique needs if you have something different in mind. You can also let your recruiter know if you want more hours or need a bit of a recess in between assignments. Check out the latest hot jobs!

3. Working Hard for the Money

You work hard at your job, so you should be compensated in the same manner. It isn’t all about the money but as a traveling healthcare professional, you can be sure that wherever you decide to hang your scrubs you will be compensated for your hard work. By acquiring experience in a multitude of different places, you will be able to put a higher price tag on the work of art that is your expertise and skills. You work hard for the money and there’s nothing wrong with a more attractive paycheck for it!

4. Beneficial Benefits

Having a job that offers benefits is one thing, but finding one with benefits so good you’d be crazy to pass it up, that is another. Traveling as a healthcare professional you receive a housing allowance, covered travel expenses, and a per diem for meals. There’s also insurance, retirement funds, and covered continued education expenses available on top of a paycheck! It doesn’t get much better than this… View the benefits of travel nursing and all traveling medical benefits Triage provides.

5. Be Blessed, Not Stressed

In addition to everything else, the low stress factor of being a traveling healthcare professional is a point to take into consideration as well. We all know hospitals have their own set of politics, but you can say “Forget that noise!” as a traveler because everything (and everyone) is more tolerable when you know you’ll only be there for a few more weeks. You have the ability to focus your attention on your patient care instead of what Sally said about Susie… which says more about Sally than it does about Susie. But not only can you forget about that colleague you just can’t stand, but words like “layoff” and “downsizing” will mean nothing to you as well. Sounds nice, right?

Variety, flexibility, compensation, great benefits and low stress are impeccable reasons to travel as a healthcare professional. So what are you waiting for? Get all Carpe Diem and reap the benefits of being a traveling healthcare professional. Seize the day in a new city, at a new job, doing what you already love!

These 5 aren’t the only reasons to take the road less traveled, tell us some of your reasons you want to travel or why you became a traveler!