Questions to Ask Before Bringing a Pet on Assignment

One thing about life on the road, it can be lonely. Whether you’re new to traveling or you’re a seasoned pro used to traveling alone who’s looking for some companionship, you can’t go wrong with a travel buddy, especially if they’re cute and cuddly. Though before you can hit the road with a pet, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

Question 1: Who Will Care for Your Pet While You’re Gone

If you’re going to be gone all day, you’ll need to ask yourself who will care for your animal. If you’re traveling with a cat or fish, leaving them for a full day’s work likely won’t be a big deal, but if you’re traveling with a dog, especially a small dog, they won’t be able to go 12-14 hours on their own without someone stopping by to let them out.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find someone to come and walk your dog while you’re stuck at work. Apps like Rover and will have pet sitters and dog walkers who can come take care of your furry friend. One thing to note: make sure if you’re staying in an Airbnb or hotel, that you give the landlord or folks working there a heads up so they know someone else will be in and out of your rental.

Question 2: How to Find Pet-Friendly Rentals

Finding a place to live that will accept your pets can be difficult. If you’re a Facebook user, start by searching travel nurse Facebook groups for some pet-friendly housing. In a quick search, we found at least three that you can join.

Also, do a quick Google search for pet-friendly hotel chains to find one that offers housing in your area. You may have to pay a deposit, even in a hotel, but knowing you have a safe and secure place for your pet while you’re working is worth it.

Question 3: Are There Any Restrictions?

Lastly, before you sign a lease, check to make sure that there are no restrictions on your pet. Certain dog breeds might not be allowed in your housing and some don’t even allow cats at all. If you’re having a hard time finding housing that will accept your particular pet, consider asking a former landlord for a pet reference. If your potential landlord understands that your pet is well-behaved and not destructive, they might be more willing to allow your furry friend.

If you’re striking out all over when it comes to pet-friendly travel nurse housing, talk to your recruiter. He or she may have some references of places that another traveler stayed in during their travels, especially if it’s a facility that’s staffed often.

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