Insightful OT Blogs for Occupational Therapy Enthusiasts

Want to stay up to date with fellow occupational therapists or just have a few laughs as you’re unwinding at the end of a long day? These five OT blogs will give you a little mix of humor, professional expertise and resources to help you do your job and do it well.

OT Dude

Jeff, the OT Dude, has a blog full of engaging blog posts and he offers free resources for OTs and OT students alike. In addition to his blog, OT Dude has a variety of social media sites to engage with, including a YouTube channel and podcast. Jeff’s been in healthcare since 2014 and is now an OT working with adult and geriatric patients. Check out Jeff’s OT Dude blog. 

Your Therapy Source

Your Therapy Source is a resource website for OTs, parents and educators. The site offers downloadable worksheets, posters and other printables that help with fine motor and visual motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing and more. While many of the resources can be downloaded for free, there are some available for an extra charge. Visit Your Therapy Source

Stay at Home Solutions

Stay at Home Solutions is another blog aimed at older and geriatric patients and their therapists who want to help patients remain independent at home for a long time. The site is full of ways to make independent living a possibility longer with tips on bathroom care and even home renovation ideas. Visit Stay at Home Solutions

The OT Toolbox

The OT Toolbox is another OT themed blog aimed at pediatric OTs. The site has therapy ideas to help improve hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, pencil grasp and tying shoes. Pediatric OTs will find both free and paid resources on The OT Toolbox and there’s even a monthly subscription with a new themed therapy kit each month. Check out The OT Toolbox

Holistic OT

Holistic OT is an occupational therapy blog with a holistic approach. The community is a group of OTs who are interested in practicing occupational therapy with complementary and integrative health, wellness and prevention. The site has articles and research about the holistic approach, as well as consulting for OTs wanting to learn more. Visit Holistic OT.  

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