5 New Cities to Which You Can Travel

One of the best things about traveling for work is, well… the traveling to new cities. When you have multiple offers for temporary contracts, you often have your pick of the litter. But if you’re tired of traveling the big cities, vacation destinations and coasts, look no further. Explore these 5 new cities you may not have considered before!

Tallulah Falls, GA

Two hours away from Atlanta is a the sleepy little of town of Tallulah falls. It’s home to the beautiful Tallulah gorge, as well as a number of other beautiful landmarks that make the seedy town come alive with nature. It’s not the most dense urban center so it could get a little sparse at times, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from all the noise you’re probably used to at this point. There are over 40 hospitals near Tallulah Falls, too, so travelers shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding a good place to work.

Best time to go: Try Georgia in the winter, so you can see the sights without overheating.

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh gets a bad rap. It’s never managed to fully shake off the perception of it as an industrial city (with all the residue that comes with heavy factory density), but over the years it’s become a beautiful city in its own right. If you’re a football fan, you probably already know it has one of the most popular teams (and successful, with six NFL championships) in the nation. And if you’re more of a creative type, there’s the Andy Warhol Museum. There are just under 30 hospitals in Pittsburgh, too, so travelers can find a good spot to settle down for a little while relatively easily.

Best time to go: Football season of course! Head to Pittsburgh in the fall and get caught up in football fever.

Omaha, NE

Omaha combines some of the best of rural and urban elements and puts them all in one place. With the number of times you’ll change scenery just from driving around (and from the weather), it’ll feel like you’re traveling the country just by sticking around. There’s an active music and arts scene, as well, giving you plenty of things to do on your time off. With a booming population and several suburbs, the clinics, hospitals and assisted care facilities in Omaha are bountiful! (Also it’s home to Triage Staffing, come by and see us!)

Best time to go: Springtime in Omaha can’t be beat! The Old Market comes alive with musicians, festivals and folks excited about a little sunshine!

Bloomington, IN

If you’re looking for a city to work in, look no further: Bloomington was recently crowned as the city with the best work-life balance in the nation. Bloomington has several diverse attractions you can sink your teeth into: the McLean County Museum of History, the Miller Park Zoo, and an Escape Room, where you and a group solve a puzzle in order to exit a locked room in a set amount of time. While travelers looking for work are there, they’ll have plenty to balance out their work with some real fun.

Best time to go: Indiana is gorgeous in the summertime. Get your sun on in the Midwest!

Snoqualmie, WA

Hundreds of travel writers have written about the lush, inspiring imagery of the pacific northwest while you’re traveling for medical work, but how many of them have written about how Snoqualmie (which includes the aforementioned scenery) was also one of the prime shooting locations for the TV show Twin Peaks? It’s true, and if you want to visit the Great Northern Hotel, take in the wonderful atmosphere of Snoqualmie Falls, and grab some food before work, you can do it all in one place.

Best time to go: The foggy, spooky winter is where it’s at in this west coast gem!

There may be more popular destinations to visit, but few are better. And after years of touring the nation as a traveler, you might start getting the itch to go somewhere new instead of accepting offers in same cities you’ve visited numerous times before. Hopefully, a new location and new cities will help refresh you and lift your spirits!