Month: December 2023

Triage Staffing Updates

Medical Staffing Agency, Triage Adds Senior Leaders and Creates a Long-Term Care Division

Triage, a medical staffing agency based in Omaha, recently made some changes to its internal roster of employees, as well as launching a new long-term care division. Triage hired Taylor Asmus as Vice President of People and Culture and promoted Breanne Falley as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. Asmus heads the company’s human resources department and […]
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Triage Giving Back

Triage Omaha and Cincinnati Celebrate the Season with Blood Drive & Angel Tree Donations

The holiday season kicked off on Giving Tuesday with a blood drive at Triage’s Omaha HQ and is continuing in Cincinnati with the adoption of six local families. Omaha Triage employees chose to give life on Giving Tuesday and donated 43 units of whole blood and 8 units of ‘power red.’ A power red donation […]
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Working as a Traveling Nurse

Working as a Traveling Nurse: Pros and Cons to Consider

Travel nursing is a challenging career that can be highly rewarding. A travel nurse offers vital services in understaffed healthcare settings, performing all of the roles of a traditional nurse. This makes them experts in their field.  A travel nurse has to be flexible and ready to persevere in challenging situations while also having the […]
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Nurse Patient Communication

Building Effective Nurse-Patient Communication: 8 Key Strategies

Your patients trust you during some of the most vulnerable, uncertain, and worrisome moments of their lives. They look to you for answers in these critical times, as well as support and medical treatment. But here’s the thing—your ability to adequately help them (and their ability to trust the decisions you make regarding their care) […]
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