Knock, Knock. Triage Calling.

If you’re on assignment with Triage, there are a few times we’re going to reach out to you. We want to hear from you and make you feel like you’re a part of Team Triage, even if you’re working across the country in the field. Here are a few times you can expect to hear from us, whether by text or email.

Before Your Assignment

When you’re getting ready to onboard, you’ll hear from us a few times. Many of these emails come from an onboarding email address, but you may hear from a specific person when it’s time to schedule your drug screen or you need to upload specific compliance docs. You may also get a text message or two reminding you to complete certain tasks on schedule.

We’ll ask you to submit your payroll paperwork and even schedule a quick 5 minute video call to verify your identification documents. This is required by the government, not Triage, but we promise it’s quick and you’ll even get to chat briefly with a member of our Onboarding Team. They’re awesome.

Once your payroll paperwork is done, you’ll be able to select your benefits so you’re ready to go on Day One. This email comes about a week before your assignment starts, but your insurance kicks off Day One. If you have questions about your benefits, our Benefits Team can be reached at [email protected].

At the Beginning of Your Assignment

On your first day, you’ll get instructions on how to find the Triage Timecard App and how to set up your account. It’s easy, but we’ve also set up an email address if you need help. Email [email protected] if you’re having issues or visit

If you’re on your first-ever assignment with Triage, we’ve got a little gift for you. Our Triage Bot will send you a text message with a link where you can send us your current address. Fill it out and your new traveler gift will be on the way.

In the Middle of Your Assignment

Half way through, we want to check in with you and make sure things are going well. We take this feedback seriously so if there’s something wrong, let us know. Of course, if things are all rosy, we want to know that too! Honest feedback helps us improve or stay the course.

Near the End of Your Assignment

Towards the end of your assignment, we want to make sure you know that your benefits end on the last day of your assignment. However, if you have another position lined up with Triage, your benefits will stay effective. See our Traveler Benefits page for full details. If you’re still looking for your next assignment, hit up your recruiter so they can help.

On Your Birthday

We know it can suck being far from friends and family on your birthday, no matter how old you are. That’s why we take time to celebrate your day if you’re on assignment with Triage over your birthday. About a week before your birthday, you’ll get a text message from our Triage Bot with a link to a webpage asking for your current address. Fill that out and a little fun will be on the way.

On Your Professional Holiday

We also send a little something for your professional holiday if you’re on active assignment during that timeframe. Like our other gifts, you’ll get a text from the Triage Bot. Fill out the form in the link and your pro holiday gift will be in the mail.

Benefits Info

Sometimes, we need to send out information regarding your benefits. This can include valuable health programs, like our Second Opinion or Rx Savings Solutions, or required notices that the government requires us to send.

Open Enrollment happens in the fall and during that time period, you’ll receive plenty of communications. Open enrollment is the one time you have a chance to change your benefit elections so we want to make sure you’re informed if you’re on assignment during that time.

What We Won’t Do

From time to time, we see messages from our travelers asking if our CEO John Maaske really needs them to go buy a gift card. Hard no. This is a common scam and rest assured, no one from Triage will ever reach out asking you to go buy any sort of gift card. We can’t shut down the scammers, but we can make sure you know this isn’t us.

We know your the space in your inbox is valuable, which is why we never try to overload it. But since we can’t sit down and talk in person, we do rely on email and texts to share important info. If you ever have questions about what you’re receiving from Triage and why, talk to your recruiter.