Month: September 2023

Why Recruiters are a Crucial Part of Your Job Search

Why Recruiters Are a Crucial Part of Your Job Search

The world of healthcare travel can be a perplexing one. Among the many details that tend to confound healthcare travelers, planning for and applying to multiple travel positions ranks near the top of the list. When you add in additional hurdles like navigating the interviewing process and figuring out compensation, it can make for a […]
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Are Nurses Allowed to Have Tattoos

Are Nurses Allowed to Have Tattoos? An Expert Guide to Tattoo Policies 

About 30% of individuals in the US have tattoos — and maybe you’re one of them. Even in healthcare, it’s not rare to see people proudly displaying their ink. Tattoos are like permanent life stories on our skin, capturing memories, milestones, beliefs, or personal passions that stay with us forever.  But how much ink is […]
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