Interview with Triage RN & Travel Photographer Devon

At Triage, we love living vicariously through our travelers. So when we found out that travel nurse Devon was an avid amateur photographer, we jumped at the opportunity to have a conversation with him about his photos and what he looks for when looking for travel nurse jobs. Check out what he said (as well as his pics).

What got you started in photography?

When I first moved to the US I was placed in a small rural town in Nebraska with not a whole lot to do. Out of boredom and an attempt to pass the time, I bought a beginners camera kit – a Nikon D3500. I was determined to learn a new skill! I took to it pretty fast and now enjoy taking photos of my travels across the US. I’m currently using a Nikon D750 with an array of lenses.

How do you choose your assignment location, do you keep photography in mind? 

I’m actually so go-with-the-flow when it comes to choosing my assignment locations. I know this may not be the approach that most people take, but I like the thrill of just ending up somewhere new to me. I know that I can make the best of any location. I always find unique experiences and have an amazing assignment. If you look at your surroundings through a lens you can always find the beauty in any location!

What is your favorite location you have been to for an assignment?

I think my favorite place I’ve been to is the PNW. I’ve had numerous assignments in Seattle and the surrounding area and have never been disappointed. It’s a nature lover’s paradise. No matter the time of year there is ALWAYS something to do- whether it be in the mountains, along the coast, or enjoying all of the local events. I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to have an assignment in the PNW to do so!

Do you typically stick to nature and travel photography? Or do you do other shoots as well?

I typically stick with nature photography. I find that working in nature is much more peaceful and relaxing than working with people! After a long stretch at work it’s nice to get out into the quiet and unwind. I also ventured off into a unique area of photography- astrophotography. I’ve been working night shift for almost 10 years. Being able to do my hobby during the day and at night has been quite the experience.

What is a must have item to bring on an assignment?

If you drive as much as I do to new assignments, a long playlist and podcasts are a must! Remember to pre-download everything because you’d be surprised at how many dead spots there are when driving from coast to coast. A good co-pilot, like Stella (my dog), is also a must!

Was there ever a location that you weren’t as excited about that surprised you in a good way?

Grand Forks, ND. I wasn’t too thrilled about moving to the middle of nowhere ND. Surprisingly though I came to really enjoy that assignment. The small town feel and slowed down pace of things compared to the hustle and bustle of Seattle was a pleasant change.

And was there ever a location that you were super excited about that you didn’t think lived up to the hype?

I think I’ve been lucky with all of my assignments over the last two years with Triage. I can’t say that I ever had an assignment that didn’t live up to my expectations. I’ve had assignments on the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest, and in the South. Each location has had unique culture, experiences, and foods that I’ve enjoyed a lot!

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