Triage Traveler Bingo

Hey Team Triage! Let’s have a little fun with some Bingo. Check out our Bingo board.

To play, see the posts on our social channels and comment with your answers or send an email with your responses to [email protected].

We want to know about you! Do you travel with a pet or family? Are you a travel newbie or have you been at this travelin’ game for a while now? Have you ever met anyone famous while on assignment? If so, we’re going to need that story.

And of course, everyone gets the Free Space. Who says you can’t get anything for free anymore.

Everyone who enters will be entered into a drawing to win a new embossed Triage sweatshirt. Bingo ends October 5, 2023. Sweatshirt will be sent after October 16, 2023.

Have fun, Team Triage!

Triage Traveler Bingo