The Best CEUs for Travel Nurses


One part of being a healthcare pro is continuing education units (CEUs) and travelers aren’t immune to completing their CEUs just because they’re on the road. Travelers definitely need to do a little extra planning to complete their CEUs! We asked our friends at Nursing CE Central for help in breaking down CEUs and giving us their top four.  

Nursing CE Central is an American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accredited company and they even have state-specific courses so if you have a license in Washington, you can be sure that you’re completing CEUs that fulfill requirements in Washington. The last thing you want to do is to spend time on CEUs that don’t count towards your license requirements.  

Check out Nursing CE Central’s four best CEUs for travel nurses directly from Morgan Curry RN, BSN. Morgan serves as the Course Curriculum Executive Editor and Content Manager at 

Four of the Best CEUs for Travel Nurses 

Drains: Everything You Need to Know (2.5 contact hours)

Drains are everywhere! You can find them in almost any healthcare setting, which is why this course is a must-read. Drains are often placed in patients to allow for drainage of a site. The most common reason for drains is to evacuate abscesses or an infection. Nurses caring for patients with drains are often intimidated and overwhelmed.  

In this CE course, you will learn about drain management and how to care for patients with drains! 

Nursing Documentation 101 (2.5 contact hours)

No matter what goes down, if you didn’t chart it, it didn’t happen, right? Documentation is at best, a useful tool for communicating; at worst, it is a necessary evil. It is well-known that documenting is one of the most tedious aspects of bedside nursing.  

Not only does it take time away from hands-on patient care, but there is a risk that it may be used against you in a legal setting should a potential lawsuit arise in your practice. However, it could also be your saving grace in a court room setting.  

In this CE course, we will learn how to document properly, as accurate documentation is essential for defense against claims as well as the continuity and quality of care given in nursing. 

Pain Management in Nursing (2 contact hours)

As a nurse, you deal with patient pain in almost every specialty. Pain is a subjective, complicated symptom that afflicts every human at some point in their lives. Managing pain within healthcare settings is a challenge and as a provider, you must take into consideration patient-centered preferences, treatment goals and your practicing state’s laws.  

For example, opioids were originally used as a first line of defense to combat both acute and chronic pain conditions; however, as the opioid crisis continues throughout the U.S., the laws surrounding prescribing them have changed drastically.  

As a healthcare provider, it is vital that you understand how to effectively provide pain management. 

The End-of-Life Process (1 contact hour)

As a nurse, experiencing patient death seems almost inevitable. However, understanding the end-of-life process in its entirety is another story. This CEU course will walk you through the various stages leading to the end of life for a patient, including common symptoms, ways you can provide comfort care and collaborate with hospice. Oftentimes, caregivers have little to no experience in caring for a dying person and can easily find themselves feeling overwhelmed, confused, and burned out. Understanding what to expect during the final weeks of life is imperative in order to cope with the changes as they occur.  

Interested in learning more? All the courses previously mentioned are available for you to take anytime and anywhere with Nursing CE Central! It is perfect for a traveling nurse.  

Did we mention there are no tests? Just attest that you read the material and receive your certificate via email.  

We know you are busy and excited for your next big adventure, so check off that last thing on your to-do list and complete your CEUs!  

Author Bio: Morgan Curry RN, BSN Morgan

Morgan serves as the Course Curriculum Executive Editor and Content Manager at Her extensive background in a Level I Trauma Hospital setting provides vast clinical insight into high octane clinical care, along with a deep understanding of specialized areas of nursing such as heart and lung transplants, ECMO, and cardiac surgery recovery. Morgan’s professional versatility also extends into the highly sought-after field of aesthetic nursing, with comprehensive experience in the plastic surgery field, including nurse leadership in PACU, PERI-OP, and OR departments.