Welcome to the Triage Staffing Community

Do you fancy Facebook? Are you into Instagram? Do you treasure Twitter or love LinkedIn? All the above? Good, us too. There’s something for everyone on each of our social channels. Expect a variety of healthcare humor, thoughtful industry-related topics, traveler photos from across the country, contests, giveaways, and lots of fun.

What’s that? Do we have Facebook groups based upon healthcare specialties? Wait, is that a thing? Just kidding, of course we do! We want to get personal…well, not that personal, but personalize your social experience. With our specialty groups, you’ll have the ability to connect with others, ask our staff questions, and find our most sought-after assignments.


You’ll enjoy our Facebook group, Travel Nurse Jobs-Triage Staffing, run by Marcus Benzel. You can also check out RN Elite Travelers Group, hosted by the one and only Todd Thieschafer.

rehab therapy

Join the group, Triage Therapy Jobs (PT, OT, SLP) to gain access to the hottest jobs available, with humor provided by Louis Teal. 

We also have a New Grad Travel Guide (PT, OT, SLP) group to get the newbie’s feet wet in the travel world and be a resource for any questions new grads may have.

Team Triage

Our newest Facebook group is Team Triage, a group exclusive to active Triage travelers on assignment. Not because we don’t love our travelers when they’re taking time off, but we don’t want to bother you with Triage updates if you’re trying to relax on that break.

For those who are on assignment, the group is a great way to connect with other travelers, ask questions, share experiences, and take part in giveaways and a whole ‘lotta fun.

Not on Facebook? You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We promise we have just as much fun on these channels as well!

Can’t wait to connect! We’ll catch ya on the social-side.