Travel Nurse Gift Guide: Getting Holiday Gifts for Medical Pros

If you have a travel nurse or other medical professional on your holiday gift list, don’t stress. We know it can be hard to find the perfect gift, especially for people who spend their lives on the road. We’ve got you covered though.  

Nurse Holiday Gift Idea: New Scrubs 

You cannot go wrong with a fresh pair of scrubs. After all, your favorite healthcare pros live in them 40 hours a week, so comfortable scrubs are a must. Today’s scrubs focus on comfort, but they’re way more stylish than the scratchy scrubs worn years and years ago. One of the most popular styles is a slim fitting “jogger” that won’t look out of place during a quick trip to the grocery store after work.  

Nurse Holiday Gift Idea: New Luggage 

Travelers are on the road all the time, which means luggage can take a serious beating. A snappy set of luggage is a great thing, especially if your traveler is starting a new assignment in the new year. Look for hard sided luggage with great wheels to make things easier when running through airports or packing up a car. Don’t forget the matching carry-on!  

Nurse Holiday Gift Idea: Espresso Machine 

Coffee is king for nurses! Instead of wasting time and money in a drive-thru coffee chain, hook them up with a fancy espresso machine. You can even find one that uses coffee pods instead of actual espresso grounds, but that still has a milk frother to make lattes or cappuccinos. This makes it even easier to use if your traveler is staying somewhere that’s limited on space. They may not totally give up their Starbucks run, but a great espresso machine can definitely help keep some of those paychecks in a savings account. 

Want to up your nurse’s coffee game? Include a Yeti Rambler in their favorite color and their coffee will stay warm for hours. 

Nurse Holiday Gift Idea: Wearable Nightlight 

If your favorite nurse typically works the night shift, they’ll definitely appreciate a wearable nightlight. These small, LED lights clip onto a scrub top and help a healthcare pro take vitals or check on a patient, even as the patient is sleeping. These small bright lights mean that a nurse doesn’t need to turn on a room’s overhead lights while someone is sleeping, leading to patients that are disturbed fewer times each night.  

Nurse Holiday Gift Idea: Compression Socks and Comfy Shoes 

Socks might not sound like a great holiday gift, but healthcare pros who spend a lot of time on their feet will for sure appreciate a great pair of compression socks. These will help sore and stressed legs and feet, even through a grueling 12 hour shift. Add in a pair of really comfy work shoes and they’ll think of you every day. 

If you’re a current traveler with Triage, we’d love to hear what you’d like to receive for the holidays in our Team Triage Facebook group. Not in the group? Take an assignment with Triage and we’ll let you into this exclusive group that’s just for Team Triage members. Contact your Triage recruiter or our allied or travel nurse jobs page to find a job today.