Why Your Recruiter Always Wants to Talk On the Phone

It’s a constant source of minor annoyance between recruiter and traveler. The traveler wants to text back and forth, while the recruiter is pushing for a phone call. There’s a few good reasons for that so if you’re wondering, here’s why your recruiter always wants to get on the phone the first time you connect.

Phone Call Reason #1: It’s More Efficient

Although it might seem like sending a quick text is the fastest way of communicating, a phone call is actually more efficient. During a phone call, you and your recruiter can have a quick back and forth conversation, rather than sending a text, waiting for a response and repeating over the course of a few hours. The best thing to do is to set aside 10-20 minutes for a conversation to have a chat.

Phone Call Reason #2: Finding Out Where You Want to Go

During your phone call, your recruiter will ask about you and where you want to go. For instance, if you mention Washington, but really mean Seattle, your recruiter will be able to ask a few questions about what it is you’re looking for. Maybe you want the hustle and bustle of a big city and have family in the Pacific Northwest so an assignment in Portland, Oregon that pays more becomes more interesting. When you talk through these details, your recruiter will understand the why on where you want to go.

Phone Call Reason #3: Learning About You Helps Recruiters Tailor Assignments

Another reason your recruiter wants to hop on the phone is that they can better tailor assignments to what you’re looking for. Are you willing to go anywhere as long as the pay is good? Or do you want to stick to one area of the country? Do you travel with a pet or family? Giving your recruiter some details means that they’ll be able to make sure your assignment fits your needs, no matter what they are.

Worried About Getting Details Crossed in a Conversation?

We know that sometimes travelers want to send emails and texts because there’s a written record of the conversation. We like that too! But if you are talking by phone, there’s an easy way to get those details in writing. After your call, simply summarize what you talked about and send a quick note either by email or text. That way if you or the recruiter had something ‘lost in translation,’ you’ll be able to get the correct info right away.

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