What Charting Systems in Hospitals Should Travelers Know?

We get asked all the time—what charting system do facilities use? While this will be in your First Day Instructions, we know some people like to know all the details ahead of time (Type A folks, we see you!). 

So, we asked our travelers to share with us what type of charting systems they’ve used throughout their assignments. Our survey asked just a few things: 

  • Facility name?
  • What charting system did they use? 
  • How long of an orientation did you receive?
  • Did you have what you needed on your first day?
  • What should other travelers know about the location?

Triage travelers delivered! More than 300 people answered our questions to share information with their fellow travelers. If you didn’t get a chance to share your input, fill out the Triage charting systems survey here. The results will update immediately so you’ll be helping travelers all over the country with just a few clicks. 

Interested in what we learned? Visit the Triage charting survey results