Veterans Day Thanks to Those Who Serve


Happy Veterans Day to those who served and to those who are currently serving in our military. 

In honor of Veterans Day, Triage is donating the proceeds from the sales of a Veterans Day themed T-shirt to the Gary Sinise Foundation, as well as a local organization that helps Nebraska veterans, 22 Heartbeats. The T-shirts were offered for sale in our company store last month.

If you’re not familiar with these organizations, the Gary Sinise Foundation works to support veterans all over the country by creating and supporting unique programs that are designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen and build communities. Some of the Foundation’s programs include R.I.S.E, a program that builds mortgage-free adapted smart homes for severely wounded veterans, Relief & Resiliency, a program that supports veterans and their families throughout some of their toughest moments, Community Outreach & Education, a program that serves to bridge the gap between the defender and civilian communities and First Responders Outreach, a program that funds essential equipment, PPE, emergency relief and training for first responders. 

22 Heartbeats works to help veterans who are transitioning home and into civilian life. The organization’s mission is “to find the contrast between successful combat veterans and veterans who have been unable to properly transition back to civilian life. We also aim to create a hypothesis and awareness for the suicide epidemic affecting our veterans, families and society as a whole. In doing so, we aim to provide resources for veterans transitioning home and end veteran homelessness all together.”

We’re honored to show our support of all Triage veterans. A sincere thanks to those who served and continue to serve in our nation’s military.