Triage Triumphs: November 2023

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

My entire experience with Triage staffing has been amazing. My recruiter Kelsey G is so helpful and as a first time traveler explained everything to me so well! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Triage and am so lucky to have Kelsey in my corner!—Kacie

Been with Triage exclusively for 2 years now. My recruiter, Cole, is patient with me and has helped me land some really nice contracts. The benefits meets my expectations and the company has been easy to work with.—Eric

I am new to travel therapy and currently working my first contract. My recruiter, Isabelle, has been incredibly helpful with not only helping me understand the travel world, but also finding contracts best fitted for me and making this an overall good experience. She is very responsive and genuinely cares to help me and make my travel experience as best as possible. I would highly recommend Isabelle and Triage!—Sarah

Second time travel tech for about 3 years now! I remain loyal and happy with Triage because of the excellent people that work hard to keep me working! Charlie, Devynne, and Megan in Onboarding all standout as excellent!
But my Travelling Heart belongs to Olan! He is the brightest and the best, always there to advise and help, always has my back no matter the situation! He is professional and quick with the best assignments, calm and cool in the face of catastrophe, and has a great sense of humor, too! Never gonna give him up, never gonna let him go….well, you know!! 😉—Sherry

I’ve been working with Triage Staffing for 2.5 years. I have had a great experience with this company and I work with the best recruiter Jared. He is always on top of his game. He’s always looking out for me and very prompt about getting back with me on my needs or just to check on me. The company pays well and has good benefits. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a new recruiter or a travel company to work with.—Tina

I researched and talked to a lot of different companies before deciding on Triage Staffing. I’m only on my first contract but so far, my experience has been great! My recruited Rebecca is awesome. She answered all my questions, helped me find a good fit for my first assignment, and she checks in with me regularly. I’m looking forward to many more years with Triage.—Christine

Go with Ellen as a recruiter! She is absolutely amazing!—Jeanine

Great team to work with at Triage. Aaron is super helpful and supportive.—Holly

I am a physical therapist who has worked with Jenna at Triage staffing! She is simply fabulous! She is a clear communicator, follows through on everything she says, and goes to bat for the clinicians that she is working with. As a traveling PT, she is my favorite recruiter and I have been a PT for 30+ years!—JJ

My recruiter Matt W. has been OUTstanding on every aspect of my employment with Triage. He is always looking out for what is best for me. I highly recommend signing with Triage.—Tamara

I started traveling as a Home Health nurse 5 years ago and found Devon with Triage. They don’t always have the direct contracts, but I really feel like Devon has my back. I know most travelers work with more than one agency, but I really feel at home with Triage.—Kate

Stephanie has been great as our recruiter. Always keeping us up to date on the job board availability and open communication has been valuable. Her honesty and professionalism to see us obtain the right assignment helps us succeed as travelers for Triage Staffing. Thank you Stephanie!—Franky

Triage Staffing is a great company to work for. My recruiter Lance is awesome to work with! He works hard to make sure I get what I want during assignments. Checks in regularly to make sure everything is going well and if I need anything. Great communication!! I highly recommend Lance and the staff at Triage!—Sheila

I’ve been a traveler with Triage for 2 years and I have nothing negative to say about them. My recruiter Dino is the absolute best! He’s always on top of his game and makes sure I get a job wherever I want to go! I also love the fact that you get cookies for your birthday every year and nice random gifts for appreciation.—Destanie

I’ve been with Triage for almost 2 years now. My recruiter, Tom, is the best. Answers all of my questions and replies to me in a timely manner, even on the weekends! He works hard to find the contracts I am looking for. Highly recommend working with them!—Jillian

I’ve worked with Kent and Jared on separate contracts and they both have been very professional. Always answered my questions and gotten back to me when I’ve had issues. Even after hours. I’m very impressed with their professionalism.—Annmarie

Travelled two years with Triage. Had nothing other than a great experience. I highly recommend Amanda as your recruiter. There were no surprises and everything was as promised. I would return.—Tony

Have been working with Triage for 5 years and I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in traveling. I have worked with two other agencies during my time traveling and neither experience was as good as I have experienced with Triage.—Randy

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