Triage Triumphs: March 2023

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

I have recently stepped out of the travel life, but Sarah Price was my recruiter for several years and I absolutely loved her! She was always willing to go above and beyond her call of duty. Very friendly and helpful, and always found me the right fit without being pushy. You can tell she genuinely cares. If I decide to go back to traveling, I will definitely be contacting her first!—Julie

I’ve been with Gabe Early for almost two years now, and he is hands-down the best recruiter I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s attentive, timely and all around a great dude! I was newer to traveling when I connected with Gabe and he was everything a new traveler needs! He was available almost around the clock,  took my issues seriously and has gone above and beyond.—Lacey

I would love to give my recruiter,  Ben Bostwick, a shoutout! He has been so supportive and more help on my travel journey than I could have imagined. He makes finding assignments and onboarding easy for me. He calls me every week to check up on me and if something is not right will reach out to rectify it ASAP.

Thank you Ben for all your fantastic support!—Sheila

There are no words to describe what Joshua James Alberola means to me. He is my lifeline. He is always available and he makes me feel like I am his top priority, even though I know he treats all of this recruits with the same diligence. He is not only an awesome recruiter, he is also a good friend, and he balances his roles extremely well. I know that Josh always has my back, and that trust is why I am grateful I chose Triage.—Charles

Julie Roberts is my recruiter and she has been wonderful. I initially had a very difficult start at an assignment and although out of state I received phone support and encouragement. Often, people think travel nurses are like robots with no emotion or care for out patient population. We are equally passionate about providing exceptional; we just want to be treated with regard and kindness. Travel nursing has its sacrifices.

New to Triage and travel work in general. Yet the process has been straightforward and the staff has been very accommodating; particularly with the help of Brian Tyler and Tara Hinson. I would certainly recommend Triage to anyone considering travel work in just about any medical field.

I was referred to Triage by a friend and I am so glad I was! My recruiter, Brooke, has been nothing but helpful and attentive thus far in my travel career. I feel that she truly cares about the people she works with and wants the best for her travelers. I’ve loved my experience with Brooke and Triage!—Julia

I am about to take my first travel assignment. Everything was and is new to me when it comes to all of the documentation, what to expect, and finding housing. My recruiter Makenzee Freeberg has been a rock! Any question at any time, including weekends / late night, she was there. She continues to go above and beyond for me. I am greatly appreciative to have to opportunity to work for triage and with Makenzee.—Lance

Awesome crew working at triage. My recruiter Ashlen Johnson is Very helpful and quick to response. Love my experience with them so far.—Sumeet

I was lucky enough to work a couple contracts with Triage! I had been with a couple other agencies during my traveling career but always came back to Triage and still recommended my recruiter to anyone who asks! Working with Tara Benge was the best experience. I always felt like she had my back and my best interest at heart. I never felt like I was on my own with contracts because Tara was always a quick phone call away (even after a long crappy shift to vent). Tara and the rest of the Triage crew were always quick to respond to emails/calls/texts. Never had any issues with payroll or onboarding.—Bailey

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