Triage Triumphs: June 2024

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

My recruiter Angela is great. Not only does she make sure I’m happy with my assignments she also cares about my well being. She texts me out of the blue to just say hi and make sure my work life and personal life is going well. Thank you Angela for making my experience here at Triage a wonderful one! Kudos to you….💕

Triage puts your needs first. They work with you to ensure that you are happy with your contract and were always there for me when I needed anything. The recruiters/handlers were great and very proactive on my behalf.

This is the 2nd travel nursing agency that I have worked with, and I have no desire to go anywhere else! My recruiter is amazing, and while compensation may be slightly lower than with another, smaller agency, I am more than willing to trade that for recruiter who goes so far above and beyond.

So far I have had pleasant experience. 13 week contracts with some time off after the contract is nice as well. The recruiters are easy and pleasant to work with. Jobs are always available.

It is one of the best staffing agencies I have ever worked with, all thanks to the most hard-working recruiter around Angela!! She puts in the work to make sure you get the job hands down!! Awesome!!

As a registered nurse traveler in multiple disciplines, I have found that working with Triage is best for me. I have had excellent communication and support from my amazing recruiter and the nurse management team. I really appreciate that they all seem to want what is best for me, and they strive to help when needed. I love that I can reach out to my recruiter at any time and he is always there for me. It’s great to feel like I have people behind me!

I have had great recruiters working with Triage. I have been working contracts with Triage for 2 years now. Submitting time card, getting paid, and working with the recruiter is always easy. Recruiters have always seemed to be straight forward and honest as well.

I’ve had an AMAZING experience with Triage while I’ve been a travel occupational therapist! I had originally started my travel career with a different company and wasn’t having the best of luck, so when I got in touch with my recruiter, Jenna, it was like night and day difference. The amount of stress that has been taken off my plate while I get to treat people and travel the country has been an amazing opportunity, made greater by this company. Couldn’t have more amazing things to say!

I am MLT; First Time traveling with Triage. My recruiter Angela is amazing , she is very pro traveler very dedicated to finding the best assignment for her techs. Angela is very easy to get in contact with and checks in regularly to see how things are going!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Payton. Of all my years traveling, he is my absolute favorite. He goes after the new assignments and works with me to get everything set up. He also has a lot of character and ethics which is really my favorite thing. I like the way he checks in once in a while to see how things are going. Sure glad to know Payton!

Becci has been a diligent and responsible recruiter for me. Thank you Becci!

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