Triage Triumphs: January 2023

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

Matt Warren is awesome. He always helps me figure things out. He doesn’t ignore me when I have an issue. If he’s on the phone when I call, he sends me a message that he’s on the phone. He’ll get to me whenever he’s done. I love talking with him and learning about his family and he knows about mine. He makes sure that I am treated right. That is why I have stayed with Triage. A recruiter can make or break their relationship with Agency. Matt Warren surely makes Triage an awesome agency for me to represent.—Tonya

Devon Howe has been my recruiter for 2.5 years now. Right from the start he talked with me like a friend, was interested to really get to know me, and truly cared about getting me great work experiences. Since then we have become great friends, talking on the phone about much more than just business. It has been a great experience working with him and I want to thank Triage Staffing for hiring such an amazing guy! Cannot say enough about him.—Sergey

Jack Douglas has earned my respect and admiration on so many levels. He is always accessible. He has always found just the right fit for me as a nurse and listens to my concerns, accomplishments and needs in order to do a good job for my assignment. I have had many nurses approach me about who I  recommend for a travel company and Triage Staffing is my top choice with Jack Douglas as the contact!!

Thank you for everything Jack.—Billy

I wanted to send kudos to my recruiter, Zach Peterson. He has made my experience with Triage a very positive one. He really listens to what’s important to me, communicates openly and honestly, and has always been very quick to respond if I ever have questions or need further assistance.

As a whole, Triage is the second recruiting company that I’ve worked with and it’s been a much better experience than I had with my first travel contract. Rates are good, availability of contracts is good, there are good benefit options, and compliance has been very helpful and easy to work with as well. Thank you!!—Adrienne

I wanted to take the time to shoutout my recruiter Cindy Davis. She is the first & only recruiter I have worked with! She constantly exceeds all my expectations and has made me completely loyal to her and Triage! She goes out of her way to check on me while on assignment, helps me with things probably outside of her normal duties, and is a great communicator. She’s made traveling so easy for me!—Neeki

Emily Hellbusch has been amazing! I feel like from day one I have been the most important traveler to her (I’m fully aware that there are others). She did such an excellent job explaining how the process worked and answering my many questions. She’s always there for me whenever I need her. Very responsive, friendly, and incredibly efficient at her job. She makes me feel like I’m not just another person, but someone she truly wants to see succeed in life. Couldn’t be more pleased with her.—Alyssa

I want to give a shout out to Monica Hicks. She has been a valuable asset in my travel endeavors. I am so lucky to call her my recruiter!!!—Genia

Danielle Clark has been an amazing recruiter. I just started my first travel assignment with her as my recruiter and she made the process of onboarding so easy. She always makes herself available to answer all my questions and she is just a genuinely kind and caring person. Highly recommend Danielle and Triage!—Collette

Absolutely best agency for travel. Chris Shannon has been my recruiter since day 1 and the experience has been amazing. I couldn’t be happier with how well I’ve been taking care of over my last 5 travel contracts. On to the next one! Thanks for always looking out for me!—Ryan

My recruiter Reid Johnson has worked with me diligently for the last several months to find the appropriate assignment for me. My travel options were very strict. I was limited on the shift and locations that I would accept. Reid patiently worked with me to find the right assignment for me. I’d like to thank Reid and Triage for not getting frustrated with me every time that I said that doesn’t work for me. I now have a great assignment and the shift that I want. If you’re interested in traveling as a tech I would highly recommend Reid Johnson and Triage Staffing.—Robert

This is my first travel assignment! My recruiter Ross Schroder is absolutely awesome! He has helped me so much and answered a million questions that I asked! The whole team is really helpful and I appreciate all of them!—Lindsay

My recruiter Jon is incredible. He is on top of everything and has made the whole process a breeze!—Elliott

Triage has been great for me!! Brandon Johnson is my recruiter, he has helped me find a great job within the area that I wanted. This is my first job with them and so far it has been a great experience. If I ever need anything, he is there to help.—Teresa

My recruiter Danielle is the best. The whole team works with me as a traveling CT tech to get me what I need to do my part. A++++. Thank you all—Jim

By far the best company for travel assignments! My recruiter, Louis Teal, has been absolutely amazing! Louis was able to get me under contract in literally 1 day!!!

Thanks Louis!—Marqus

As a long time traveler, I must give a glowing recommendation to Triage. And special thanks to my recruiter Adam E.! Will use again!—Wesley

This is my first travel PT contract and it’s been a great experience. My recruiter Tom Juberian has been extremely helpful during the entire process and always there when I need him. I’ve enjoyed working with Triage.—Ceasar

New to the travel industry. Going to start my third extension with current hospital. Brian Tyler has come thru each time. Great support when needed. Anyone looking for a travel company, Triage and Brian Tyler are the way to go.—Ronnie

As a traveling PT I have really enjoyed working with Triage Staffing. My recruiter and point of contact is Julianna Patterson and she has been incredibly helpful and responsive in every step of my career. They have truly made travel healthcare less stressful.—Joe

I have loved working with Triage! My husband and I travel as a team, and we have the best recruiter, Julianna Patterson, who finds us great contracts close together! She is so responsive and gets all issues resolved as quickly as she can! Definitely work with Julianna/Triage if you get the chance!—Callie

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