Triage Triumphs: Eloisa and Kathy

We can’t say enough about the roster of talented medical professionals on Team Triage. It would be easy to call us biased, or that we’re just bragging for brownie points, but we’re not. Like our medical pros, we rely on facts.

We are constantly given proof of their excellence in the form of shout-outs from managers, kudos from coworkers and even prestigious awards. Some that are normally reserved only for permanent staff but, you know, our travelers are exceptional.

Here at Triage, we are all about that kudos life! So we take every opportunity we get to applaud our people. We call it, the Triage Triumphs, because putting on your game face and coming to work 110% in the medical climate we’re in isn’t easy. It requires strength and a whole lot of other things. And these people are tough as nails.

So, without further ado, let’s put our hands together for…


Eloisa L., Med Surg RN

The Daisy Award: Nominee

One of those awards that is normally reserved for permanent staff nurses, the Daisy Award® For Extraordinary Nurses, is a world-wide recognition program. This program recognizes and honors “the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day.”

Nurses can be nominated by anyone in the organization, such as patients, their family members, other nurses, physicians, and other clinicians or staff members. Really anyone who experiences compassionate and amazing care from a nurse can nominate a nurse for the award.

Our very own, Eloisa, is one of those nurses who made enough of an impact to earn herself a nomination. The Chief Nursing Officer at the facility gave her the news and shared it with us, her agency family, as well.

A nomination for this award is an award in itself. Nurses are incredible simply by doing their jobs. When you can stand out among other incredible humans…well, shake those tailfeathers, baby! That’s something to brag about!

We couldn’t be more proud of Eloisa. Unless we were her parents. That’s the only way.


Kathy M., ER RN

Boss Fist Bump

Look, it doesn’t have to be some official schmancy-fancy award to catch our attention and throw the roses at your feet. A shout-out from the boss to your entire unit and staffing agency undoubtedly deserves praise.

ER nurse Kathy was given the proverbial thumbs up and ‘atta girl’ from the Executive Chair of the Emergency Department, the Assistant Chief Nursing Officer and the entire ‘Fast Track’ Department. No biggy.

Here’s what they had to say…

“From the Executive Chair of the Emergency Department: she has been a true shining star in the ED. Much credit to Kathy (the dedicated RN) and the tech who made this possible!”

Our faces are beaming like a shining star right now. We’re just so dang proud of her and her go-getter attitude. It truly makes a difference how you show up to work each and every day.

We will never take the chance to give credit where credit is due. Couple that with the amazing medical travelers of Triage and we just created ourselves another blog series!

Stay tuned for more Triage Triumphs in the future.

Want to nominate a Triage traveler for doing something amazing, saying something wonderful, or just go on about how great they are? Let us know by filling out this form. We are all ears.

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