Triage Triumphs: December 2022

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

I’ve started my first travel contract and it’s been great so far! My recruiter Tom has been excellent in finding me a good fit and I’m very happy I chose to work with Triage! — Ceasar

I’ve been a medical technologist for 8 years now and had never considered traveling until this year. My husband and I are actually traveling together, so we knew that would be harder for a company to accommodate. We did tons of research and decided to try Triage. Well, we could not have made a better decision! I honestly feel like we have made friends with our recruiters. They are so accessible at any time, quick to respond, so helpful, and I truly feel cared about. They honestly want to get you at the right place for you. I am blown away. The experience has been so much easier and smoother than I expected due to our amazing recruiters Brian and Patty. I can’t recommend Triage enough if you’re considering a travel career. —Jessica

I’ve been traveling with the same company for years & wanted to try someone new get a taste of what others had to offer from customer service, assignments, benefits. I emailed a few agencies & no one really caught my attention seemed as if they just wanted you to go with that agency to make money off of you by putting you on assignment! However when I got a hold of Triage it was a whole different ballgame! My recruiter responds quickly and has a great personality & definitely goes above & beyond for her travelers. First assignment with this company and I truly can not complain what so ever. She helped me mark off so many things from my bucket list with this assignment. Pay is good the facility is great & all together I feel like I chose the right company & have one of the best recruiters! Thank you Triage Staffing! — Brandi

Mike Tinker has been awesome to work with over the last 1 1/2 years. He is always responsive and very patient when I need to pick a location to start a new contract. He got me from Vermont to California and it was the best adventure ever with my dog driving across the country. I love Triage and have no complaints and looking forward to many more contracts in the future. — Sharee 

Logan Martin is an excellent recruiter to work with! He always returns my texts and calls and I really appreciate his service. He is also a cool guy! Thank you Logan! — Tracy Shout out to Ryan Jesse! He has been my recruiter for at least 3 years and I love working with him. He is always checking in with me, before, during and after any assignment I have taken. I have asked him many questions and he is always there to answer them for me. Plus he always finds those great assignments for me. Kudos to him and all of Triage’s staff (but he’s the best ). —Amy

Steve Hemmer is the best. I have tried other companies and the only one so far that has been honest,  sincere,  and just freaking wonderful has been Steve.

If ever I have a question or issue he answers honestly and quickly. Encourages me and cares what happens to his recruits.

I had another recruiter who left me hanging cause she lied about renewing the contract with the facility I was at. I started looking for another company to work with and met Steve. Told him what happened and that I can take the truth,  all you gotta do is tell me and he’s been great. — Kari

New to the travel industry. Going to start my third extension with current hospital. Brian Tyler has come thru each time. Great support when needed. Anyone looking for a travel company, Triage and Brian Tyler are the way to go. — Ron

I’ve been with Alicia Allis and Triage since 2017. She has always been upfront with everything, helping me transition back into travel nursing. She was wonderfully supportive when I had a motorcycle accident and broke my leg one day before I was to leave for a new assignment  and then was in a wheelchair for two months and unable to work for nine months. She has a knack for listening, helping me to talk through my concerns and supporting my decisions as I started traveling again after the accident. I appreciate her kindness and openness, and am thankful that I have a wonderful recruiter I can trust. I was able to bring my travel pup to meet her at the office on Pacific when I worked in Omaha. She is just an all around great person. — Karen

Giving Nick Baxter a shout out for helping out with a complex contract. I appreciate all the work you are putting in. — Adam

I’ve never had any issues with payroll. I have good communication with my recruiter. I have opportunities to continue traveling and make more money than a staffer… these things are all I need to feel appreciated. — Hank

I have had the best experience with Triage! — Sarah

I left Triage for one of those other companies and NEVER again! — Cassie

I found a company that respects me and treats me great. In the travel world, I feel like that is a gift in itself. — Monica

I feel like my recruiter appreciates me for the most part when he’s not slacking of off   Ryan Haney kidding maybe   no , for real I feel like I’m appreciated by my recruiter. — Trish

I feel like having a great recruiter who will go to bat for you and who looks out for your best interests is what I find most important. That’s what I feel shows appreciation for someone. — Sarah

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