Triage Triumphs: April 2023

From time to time, we are lucky enough to get kudos for our recruiters. We love getting compliments from travelers and we’re thrilled to be able to share these. Want to send a kudos to another Triage traveler or a recruiter? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to pass on the congratulations.

I’d like to sing Monica Hicks’ praises. I am a first time traveler and have had all the questions. Monica has answered them and helped me to get to my first contract quickly. When I had some early hurdles Monica was very helpful and truthful with me, never sugar coating things but providing a positive outlook and constructive suggestions for both actions and mindset. I think Monica’s past experience as a traveler means that she really understands the experience. Triage has been wonderful to me and the on ramp to my first contract could not have gone more smoothly. Thanks, Monica and Triage!—Deborah

Just a quick shout out to my recruiter Lisa Northup. She goes above and beyond to find me the contract that is perfect for me.. that isn’t the easiest task. She knows I am terrible with electronics and helps to make sure I have everything completed on time and correctly… she is patient, kind, and funny… and I am thankful for her everyday! Give that woman a raise. ????—Jennifer 

I want to give a shout out to my recruiter Ilana Siegel. She always is quick to respond. She always knows the answers and if she doesn’t she will find them out. I always feel like she’s being honest with me. Thanks Ilana!!!—Mandy

My recruiter, Thomas Hutton has been with me now for 4 years.  I’ve been a traveler for 11 years and Thomas has been great!! He’s always patient with finding me just the right contract in just the right place.  Always attentive and keeps in touch to find out how I’m doing.  He’s the BEST!—Ona

Jess Rickabaugh is a wonderful recruiter! She has worked with me for a year and has always seemed to get me into the places I wanted to be in such a short period of time! I’m very lucky to have her on my side! Thanks Jess for all you’ve done for me!—Vanessa

Beth Delanty is uber organized and prioritizes effective communication with Triage travelers, making sure they know what to expect in the pre-employment screening process and have all the information they need to receive services quickly and at their convenience.  Beth takes extra steps to provide detailed information to the travelers she’s working with so they can be placed quickly.  Travelers have many choices when it comes to staffing agencies and Beth makes sure talent has the best experience with Triage.  Beth was also able to provide valuable insight into Triage’s workflow so that Vault can craft complimentary solutions to make the staffing agency and the donor’s experience better!—Jess (Vault Health)

I’m on a new assignment!  I’m not sure how many places I have visited since switching to Triage three years ago.  And once again Jared Renken has hit it out of the park!  I get to play in Lake Isabella all summer with a great wage and with shifts that will give me the time.

I feel so lucky that Jared was the person who took my call three years ago. I first contacted Triage when I found out I was making a lot less than another traveler (who had shared his wage, experience and time with his company, which was all less than mine).  When he gave me the name of his company, I called Triage immediately and Jared became my travel manager.

It was a breath of fresh air to speak with someone that didn’t use the language of a high-pressure salesman. determined to send me home with a product that day. Now when I am hoping for certain things in an assignment, such as a shift, Jared and the team discuss it at a meeting and within a few days I’m heading to places like Lake Isabella with every box checked that I hoped for.

I don’t know how Jared does it but even when I’m not sure about the assignment he seems to know when I will be a good fit, He does a quick check before he calls me with assignments to be sure that I have a place to park my RV.  He simply goes above and beyond, and I fully intend to stay with him until retirement, I know I say this every time Jared, but this assignment is my favorite!—Cindy

I’ve been a medical technologist for 8 years now and had never considered traveling until this year. My husband and I are actually traveling together, so we knew that would be harder for a company to accommodate. We did tons of research and decided to try Triage. Well, we could not have made a better decision! I honestly feel like we have made friends with our recruiters. They are so accessible at any time, quick to respond, so helpful, and I truly feel cared about. They honestly want to get you at the right place for you. I am blown away. The experience has been so much easier and smoother than I expected due to our amazing recruiters Brian Tyler and Patty Novak. I can’t recommend Triage enough if you’re considering a travel career.—Jessica

Dierdre Simpson at Triage is the by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with! She has always been there for me work related or not! A true advocate for her nurses!—Lindsey

My recruiter – Shawn Williams – is absolutely the best!! He’s always there to answer any question that I may have. Submitting to open positions is a breeze.—Michelle

Triage is such a great company. They are real with you and prioritize what is going to make it easier for you on your assignment.—Andretti

I’ve been with Triage for over a year and couldn’t be happier. Since day one Zach Meyer has been there for me when it comes to finding great contracts or addressing any issues that have come up. He’s very responsive with calls and texts and he even checks in just to say hi and make sure I’m doing well. Everyone I’ve interacted with Triage has been wonderful as well.—Barbie

My recruiter, J Swisher is amazing!! Always on it with new job opportunities and answers to all my questions!! Quick response time!!

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