The Secret Sauce: Sandy and Brett

Traveler Sandy
+ Recruiter Brett

The recipe for an award-winning medical staffing agency? Ingredients include:

  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • A dash of humor
  • A heavy hand of candor

But the real meat of the sandwich? Our recruiters. Just read a few traveler reviews and you’ll notice a reoccurring theme—that traveler/recruiter relationship is the secret sauce and why travelers choose us over ‘the other guy.’

We decided to highlight that connection this year with our “Secret Sauce” blog series. This month, read about traveling Laboratory Scientist, Sandy and how she found a recruiter who cares even when he doesn’t have to, Brett Robertson.


How did you meet your recruiter, Brett?

Sandy: Well, he stalked me a little when I was a traveler for another agency but I had a gig. Then I became permanent and the point person to hire travelers for a lab. As I worked with Brett I liked the way he treated his travelers and decided to give him a chance when I decided to get back on the road. This relationship has continued since and I don’t regret a moment of it. When I hear of someone unhappy with their recruiter I always recommend they connect with Brett because I know that he will take care of them.

What do you like most about him?

Sandy: That he cares. He doesn’t have to but he does.

What impressed me the most about him happened when I wasn’t even one of “his” travelers. I was the Educator up in Alaska and over the travelers in the lab. One of them approached me worried that she couldn’t drive in the snow. When I found out that she didn’t have a 4-wheel drive vehicle I immediately contacted Brett. He had it handled that day. Honestly, that was the day that I knew that if I ever went back to traveling he would be my recruiter.

Brett: She is an amazing person with a fantastic work ethic and great sense of humor!

Brett Image-03

What is one word that best describes your recruiter and why?

Sandy: Patient. 

Brett: Versatile—she can walk into any lab and immediately be an asset, so much that every facility that I send her tries to hire her perm.


Breaking it up a bit; let’s see how similar these two labbies are:


Snow or sand?

Sandy: Sand.
Brett: Sand.

⭐ Match

Pizza or burger?

Sandy: Burger.
Brett: Pizza.

❌ Whammie

Call or text?

Sandy: Text.
Brett: Text.

⭐ Match

East or West coast?

Sandy: West coast.
Brett: West coast.

⭐ Match

Pancake or waffle?

Sandy: Waffles.
Brett: Waffles.

⭐ Match

4/5 ain’t bad! 

Spill the beans—any funny, interesting or out-of-the-ordinary stories?

Sandy: All of our phone conversations have me absolutely rolling on the floor. We always have each other laughing. I cannot wait to have a beer with Brett in person!

Brett: Sandy was working in Fairbanks, AK where they do a midnight run (more like bar crawl) during the summer. Everyone wears costumes; Sandy, her daughter and some of her coworkers, all dressed up as mermaids. Based on the pics that I had seen, it looks like it was a fun time.


What’s the most important thing to you when deciding to work with a recruiter?

Sandy: Be honest, be yourself, be open. Wait, that’s three things. Maybe I should add follow directions to the list?

When deciding to work with a traveler?

Brett:  For me, it is truly being able to establish a good, trusting, relationship. I want my travelers to know that I am there for them and am here to help however I can and hope for the same in return.

Growing up, what did you want to be?

Sandy: A dancer.

Brett: Either a police officer or ninja…it was a coin flip. 


What’s the biggest misconception people have about your job?

Sandy: People have absolutely no idea what I do. Maybe that I am a phlebotomist?

Brett: That we send travelers all over the country then never chat with them or care how their assignment is going.

Why did you decide to become a traveler, or recruiter?

Sandy: To feed my gypsy spirit.

Brett: Had a buddy in the industry that first got me interested, but it was Triage’s culture and their values that drew me in.


What’s the best part of being a traveler, or recruiter?

Sandy: I get to go on the most amazing adventures. I also get to meet people that I would not have met normally. It is just an awesome lifestyle.

Brett: Getting to meet a ton of different lab people and being able to live vicariously through them; through their experiences, stories and pics.

What motivates you?

Sandy:  Family, friendships, connections, adventures, love, life, joy, pizza, beer, whisky…..?

Brett: My family.


Why Triage?

Sandy: Brett. Seriously I would follow him wherever he goes.

Brett: Truly it was the culture and values that Triage has instilled that attracted me.

Ready to take the leap and become a traveling laboratory pro? There’s no time like the present. Set up a time to chat with Brett.

If you’re a medical pro in a different field who’s ready to go after it, apply today or email us ([email protected]) with any questions you have about traveling with Triage.