The Best Traveling Medical Professional States for Hikers

One of the best parts about being a traveling medical professional is that you get to see the world. We know that a lot of our travelers like to see all the beauty a location has to offer, and we wanted to offer some help along the journey by compiling a list of the best travel locations for hikers. So, if you are a current healthcare traveler or looking to become a healthcare traveler and love scenic hikes this list is for you. If you are heading towards the end of an assignment or just about to start your first journey as a traveling medical professional, this list just might help you decide where to look. While we know everyone has their own opinions on their favorite hiking destinations this is our personal list not in any particular order of go-to locations with a high density of superb trails and traveling healthcare jobs.

1) Arizona

If you are a traveling medical professional and love to hike Arizona is the place to be. Arizona has both a lengthy list of traveling healthcare positions as well as over one thousand breathtaking trails with degrees of difficulty that will fit everyone from hiking beginners to travelers who want a bit more of a challenge. There are ten pages of job listings to various locations in Arizona on the Triage job board for allied and nursing traveling medical pros looking for a warmer climate with top tear views. One thing to think about when traveling to Arizona is the weather, while the trails are beautiful Arizona temperatures are not for the weak. The best time to travel to Arizona for hiking lovers is late fall into early winter with average daytime temperatures of 70℉ (21℃) making it perfect for all the travelers looking to get out of the cold. We want to help you with a little more assistance on your journey by giving you some of the top hikes throughout Arizona!

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Do not be fooled by the name of this trail while it might be called Devil’s Bridge the views on this hike are heavenly. Devils Bridge Trail is located twelve miles west of Sedona and is a moderately difficult 1.8-mile out-and-back hike. The hike is estimated to take an hour and a half, making it the perfect daytime hike. The trail splits in two different directions one will lead you to the base of the natural rock bridge and the other will bring you to the bridge it itself and if you dare you can take a walk across it!

Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

Piestewa Peak Summit Trail offers the 2nd highest peak in Phoenix and is located right within the city making it an easy day activity for travelers working in Phoenix. This trail is for experienced hikers, being a challenging 2.4-mile out-and-back hike with an elevation gain of 1200 feet. The hike is estimated to take an hour and a half, making it the perfect before or after work activity.

West Fork of Oak Creek

This trail is perfect for all the Arizona spring and fall Travelers. Located just over fifteen miles south of Flagstaff, the West Fork of Oak Creek trail is the perfect daytime experience. For the more experienced hikers the trail stretches fourteen miles from one end to the other, however you can cut that much shorter as a beginner. The hike is down in a canyon along a pleasant stream. We would recommend bringing water shoes because there are a couple of places that require crossing the stream. The hike usually takes two to three hours making it a must do activity on a day off.

2) California

Not surprising that one of the biggest states in the country also has over four thousand hikes to discover as a traveling medical pro. Along with the numerous amounts of trails you can discover in California there are also a plethora of jobs for all different types of traveling healthcare providers. In fact, the Triage job board has twenty-six pages of job listings just for the state of California. One thing to consider when you are looking for hikes in California is that it is large so you might have to account for some travel time. Also be aware that the weather changes throughout the state so make sure to plan accordingly. Although it was extremely difficult to pick just a few, here are three of our favorite hikes throughout the state of California to help you get started on your journey.

Vernal and Nevada Falls via Mist Trail

This hike is double the fun with two hikes and two waterfalls for the price of one. The Mist Trail named due to the two waterfalls that will help to cool you down throughout located in Yosemite National Park and. Say you are on a time crunch or looking for a more moderate hike you can do the less strenuous 3-mile round trip hike to Vernal Falls that will take around two hours. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can do the estimated five hour 7-mile loop hike that will allow you to see both Vernal and Nevada falls. It is known for being Yosemite’s signature hike with astonishing views that will leave you breathless.

Lands End Trail

Located in the city of the Golden Gate Bridge the Lands End Trail is known as being one of the best hikes in San Francisco. This 4-mile round trip hike offers views of the coast, beautiful trees, and the Golden Gate Bridge from many different angles. This hike is not very difficult, making it ideal for beginners and should take you two and a half to three hours to complete.

Solstice Canyon Hike

If you want a little bit of everything this hike is the one for you. The 3.2-mile round trip Solstice Canyon Hike offers views of the Pacific Ocean, coastal hillsides, a shaded canyon, and a waterfall, and even some historical architecture. It is a moderate hike and should only take you around two hours to complete. The Solstice Canyon Hike is in Malibu and is one of the most beautiful and popular hikes in the city.

3) Tennessee

The home of country music also offers copious amounts of amazing hikes and traveling medical professional jobs. The Triage job board has nine pages of jobs available to traveling healthcare professionals throughout the state of Tennessee. Tennessee, with over one thousand hikes, is known for its beautiful green hills and various waterfalls. The best time to travel to Tennessee if you are a traveling medical pro looking to see all the views the state has to offer is late spring and early summer when everything is beginning to bloom, and the weather is not too hot and not too cold. Although Nashville is a lot of fun, we want to help get you out of your comfort zone by giving you three amazing hikes to do while you are enjoying your thirteen-week stint in Tennessee.

Rainbow Falls Trail

We are happy to confirm the beauty of the name of this hike matches the beauty of the views you will see. Although the hike is on a little of the longer side at 5.4 miles out-and-back it is well worth it. Located near Gatlinburg in Great Smoky Mountains National Park the Rainbow Falls Trail is a moderate to difficult hike due to the elevation gain and rocky terrain and should take around three to five hours to complete. The jaw dropping 80-foot-high waterfall allows for a place to cool down and an amazing view.

Radnor Lake Trail

Located just twenty minutes away from Music City aka Nashville, the Radnor Lake Trail is the perfect city getaway. The Radnor Lake Trail is a nice and easy hike at only 2.8 miles round trip the hike should only take about an hour. If you need to wind down from a stressful day this is the perfect place offering peaceful views of Radnor Lake and the beautiful trees that surround it throughout the hike.

Grundy Day and Fiery Gizzard Loop Trail

This hike is one for all the Summer traveling medical pros who do not mind taking a refreshing swim to cool off. The Grundy Day and Fiery Gizzard Loop Trail is a moderate 3-mile-long round trip trail located near Tracy City. This hike with a memorable name should only take a little over an hour, however it might take a little longer if you want to stop and take a swim. The trail offers a ton of river views and beautiful trees making it worth a trip.

4) Washington

With mountains ranges like Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens it’s no wonder that Washington has some of the most beautiful hikes in America. Along with being one of the best places in America if you are in search of a view, it is also amazing if you are or are looking to become a traveling medical pro. The Triage job board has twelve pages of jobs for all different types of allied and nursing traveling medical pros looking to start their next adventure in Washington. The best time to travel to Washington for all the hiking travelers is late spring into early summer and late summer into early fall. This will provide for the best weather and scenery. Washington has just about 1,500 hikes to choose from, making it hard to pick just three, but here are a few to help you get started on your way.

Skyline Trail Loop

It is hard to take a trip to Washington and not visit Mount Rainer and we wanted to make sure you did not miss it by giving you one of the best trails. The Skyline Trail Loop is on the more difficult side at 5.5 miles round trip usually taking about three and a half hours to complete, however the experience is well worth the climb. The views from this trail include cascading waterfalls, mind blowing glaciers, meadows and more.

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

Do not let the name scare you away from doing this top tear Washington hike. Located less than an hour away from Seattle Rattlesnake Ledge trail is a moderately challenging 5.3 mile out-and-back trail with views that will knock your socks off. The ledge at the top of the trail offers amazing views of the surrounding mountain, greenery, and Cedar River. If you are lucky, you might even see a mountain goat.

Snow Lake Trail

If you are looking for a little bit of a longer all-day type of experience the Snow Lake Trail is the one for you. This is an almost 7 mile out-and-back hike that will take you about four hours to complete. Although the trail is long it is considered moderately challenging with very little elevation gain. Throughout the hike you are surrounded by different mountain chains and when you reach the end there is a spectacular view of Snow Lake.

5) Colorado

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. Colorado has over five thousand hikes making it easy to find the perfect trail for you wherever you are traveling in the state. The Triage job board makes it easier for you to find your next Colorado destination with five slides of jobs for all different types of allied and nursing traveling pros. The views are constantly changing in Colorado making it hard to pick the perfect time of year for traveling medical pros to visit so it is really a personal preference. If you do not mind the cold temperatures the snowcapped mountains are wonderful in the winter. If the warmer weather is more your speed spring summer and fall also offer fantastic views. We know that our travelers have their personal favorite hikes in Colorado, but here our three of ours spread throughout the state to help offer you some guidance along the way.

Emerald Lake Trail

If you need a break after a long day at work this is the perfect escape. Emerald Lake Trail is a moderately challenging 3.2 mile out-and-back trail that should only take about an hour and a half. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, this hike also allows for fishing along the way so make sure to bring your pole and some bait. The trail offers fantastic views of emerald lake throughout as well as the magnificent forest that surrounds it.

Royal Arch Trail

The views from this hike are absolutely royal (pun intended). Located near Boulder, Colorado the Royal Arch Trail is a challenging 3.4 mile out-and-back trail. The trail leads to a natural stone arch with top tear views of the city of Boulder along the way. Good news dogs are allowed on this trail so make sure to bring your four-legged friends with you on your journey.

Quandary Peak Trail

We thought we would end this list with a hike for some of our more experienced hikers. Quandary Peak Trail is not for the weak. It is a challenging 6.6 mile out-and-back hike with an over 3000-foot elevation gain that is estimated to take just over five hours. Located just a few miles south of Breckenridge, the views of the snowcapped mountains at the top of the peak make the climb well worth it.

While we know that are thousands of amazing trails throughout the country for you to discover as a traveling healthcare professional, this wraps up our list of the states with the best hikes in the country. If you did not see the place you were interested in traveling on this list, feel free to check out the Triage job board for numerous jobs across the country that will fit exactly what you are looking for. We hope that our list has helped you decide on your next traveling medical professional journey and feel free to send us pictures along the way!