Team Triage, 2024 Goals

Happy New Year, Team Triage! In our exclusive Facebook group, we asked our travelers what their goals were for 2024. Here’s what they said.

I’m dying to get to Alaska! Anchorage or Juneau would be fantastic  Coeur d’Alene Idaho, anywhere in Hawaii, and San Diego California are also high on my list! 

My new years resolution is to travel internationally more. I just got back from Europe a few weeks ago and I want to go back so bad. I’m also looking into checking out an antarctica excursion or getting a seasonal job down there.April  

My bucket list locations are Hawaii and Alaska. I’ve always wanted to go to both places and why not go and enjoy them but still be able to work.Tara 


Coos Bay OR. Oh wait?!?! I go there next week!!! Thanks Triage!!! Also, Redding CA , UT  and back to Tucson AZ .Gina 

Utah, Maine, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and New York City! I love the mountains and wilderness but also the city!Katy 

My bucket list assignment is just about anywhere on the west coast or Hawaii. I’ve been traveling for awhile and mostly on the East Coast or mid-America. 

Goals for new year are to travel recreationally more and to finally buy our home!Mona 

My bucket list location is Alaska! We have been so eager to go see the national parks there and explore the beautiful surroundings! 

My goal for 2023 is to visit at least 2 more national parks that I have not been to!Kayla 

Missouri-To be closer to some family. 

Florida-Have had FL license of almost 2 year and who wouldn’t want to go visit the sunshine state!Ashley 

My bucket list location for 2024 is Oregon! I love the mountains and the coastline of the PNW. 

My New Year’s resolution is to take time off to backpack a new country next fall and make it a priority while on assignment to find a new hike twice a month!Becky 

Bucket list: Hawaii, West coast Oregon, Utah! 

Goals: To hike out west! I’m stayed on the east coast. So I need to push myself to take the plunge and get out to the west coast to experience it!Kristin 

Bucket list for me is the coast of Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii. I would love to visit more National and state parks. I resolve to share my faith in Jesus more.Nora 

Montana, Hawaii, or Vermont would all be new experiences! 

Resolution, to continue traveling and enjoy this as long as I can!Melissa 

Alaska is on my list because it’s Alaska. Northern Lights, National Parks, the list goes on. Michigan and beautiful state and I want to visit all the Great Lakes and go to Isle Royale, California again for hiking National Parks, wine etc. 

New Year Resolutions: hike more, take time to take photos when doing activities.Kailey  

Bucket list: anywhere in the New England area. 

Goals: see new places we haven’t been before!Alisha 

Bucket list location: PNW, maybe Oregon. Would love to be near Crater Lake. 

Goal: continue to save towards building our dream home in cash!Tiffany 

Colorado! Mountains look amazing, skiing looks amazing. All things I love.  

2024 Resolution: inner peace.Abigail 

My bucket list locations are Arizona and San Diego! My goals are to go back to school for my CRNA, and to try and have a more peaceful year!Shauna 

Alaska is top on my list for sure! I’m looking at Palmer, Anchorage or Soldotna. I would also like to get to Wyoming, Vermont and maybe return back to Maine or New Hampshire. 

I would like to do at least one hike a week for this next year, and increase my international travel! I have Italy, Greece, Thailand, Iceland, Scotland and the Galápagos Islands for my dream locations to travel to.Brea 

My bucket list is still very long, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii, all of the North East! 

My goals for this year is to continue leading a healthy life style, trying to start a family, and over all just enjoy life adventures with my newly wed hubby.Ashley 

So many Bucket list locations; but, would love to go back to the east coast (NH, Vermont) or the south east as it’s an area we have never been. 

One of our 2024 goals is to finish paying off student loans!Kari 

Vermont for spring, Tennessee for summer, and Utah for winter! Hiking, outdoors and snowboarding! Work life balance!! That’s the theme for 2024!!Ashley 

Oh my bucket list assignment would be New England in the fall.Joann 

Bucket list—Maine, Alaska, Hawaii. Goals—less social media more family interaction.Keisha 

My bucket list location is Vermont in the fall…I would love to do some hiking there and have heard the landscape is just amazing!Ellie 

Oregon…I want to see the coast and Louisiana…Cafe Dumont.Sheri 

I would love to check Alaska, Utah, Oregon and Arizona off of my bucket list! I love all things outdoors (hiking, mountains, national parks) and am looking forward to so many new adventures for 2024.Ashley 

My bucket list locations are St. Martin’s, PNW and a toss up between Alaska and Hawaii.Kimberly 

My goal was to work in Alaska when I started traveling. And that assignment starts January 8 in Barrow! Thank you, Monica Hicks for getting me that job.Nanette 

My bucket list is Texas, Texas and Texas. I want to stay close to my Mom who is 86! Yes TX is a big state.  

My resolution for next year is good health and happiness.Annie 

My bucket lists for 2024 are AZ (start Jan 15th), central Washington, Oregon and New Mexico! I go where hiking is.Cristni 

Hawaii for sure! Also Oregon, Arizona, and Alaska. Goals next year are so sew more, live authentically, and spend less time on social media.Alison 

Alaska because my husband was born there. I also want to go to more Southwest states.Susan 

Bucket list is San Diego! And goal is to eat healthier!Victoria 

I want to go to Alaska!!! Because I have lost over 100 lbs this year and I want to hike beautiful epic trails!  My resolution this year is to love myself!Amorine 

Montana! Glacier and the Canadian Rockies are breath taking and would love a contract with those mountains in my back yard.Conner 

My bucket list includes Tennessee (I want to explore the entire state). I am starting a different type of workout for me called habit nest. I am hoping I will finally see the results I want.Tonya 

My ultimate bucket list locations are Alaska (literally anywhere) in the summer, and Boston in the fall! 

Goals for next year is to cross off more national parks!—Natalie 

My bucket list is Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina and Hawaii.Stacey 

Bucket list location: Alaska, Utah, Washington, San Diego! 2024 Goal: Buy a home! Resolution: Save money, read more, be more active! Happy traveling everyone!!!!Sandra 

I hope to pay off my student loans and save up to go back to school!Ashley 

Bucket List: Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon, and Colorado. New Year Resolutions: explore and have more adventures, make more memories by spending time with friends and family, clarify my major and future goals.Kurstin 

Bucket list would be the NE (Maine), but only in the summer or early fall. I don’t want to deal with those winters again. Reason for Maine? Lobster. Everything lobster! 

Goals for 2024? Generic answer is lose a few pounds. 

Make time to see family in North Dakota. I’ve extended 3 times in San Jose, California, so it’s tough getting away.Brandon 

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