State Fairs to Visit This Labor Day Weekend

If you’re lucky enough to be off work this Labor Day, you might be looking for something to do in your temporary home. One popular activity is a State Fair! While State Fairs aren’t happening in every state, it’s a great way to spend a day off, if you have a chance. Here’s a list of State Fairs that are taking place over Labor Day weekend.

Alaska State Fair—through September 5. The Alaska State Fair is located in Palmer, AK, which is about 40 miles outside of Anchorage. See reptile and raptor shows, watch shows featuring Native dancers, visit a petting zoo and see a number of baby animals.

Colorado State Fair—through September 5. The Colorado State Fair is in Pueblo. See livestock shows, juggling, bluegrass and even a hypnotist. Some of the most popular exhibits are a massive sand sculpture and a dog stunt show where adopted dogs perform incredible stunts to delight the crowd.

Maryland State Fair—through September 11. The Maryland State Fair is in Timonium, which is suburban Baltimore. The fair has traditional exhibits, such as livestock like cows, sheep and pigs, but also has a Shetland Pony show, a Negro Baseball League exhibit, balloon art and a craft beer garden.

Michigan State Fair—through September 5. The Michigan State Fair is in Novi, which a suburb located between Detroit and Ann Arbor. The fair has a baking contest, arts and crafts for kids, live music, a carnival midway, a home brewing competition and even a Shrine Circus each day.

Minnesota State Fair—through September 5. The Minnesota State Fair is in St. Paul and offers traditional exhibits, such as livestock shows and even has a baby animal center, where you can see days-old animals like calves, lambs and piglets. Of course, a trip to the fair isn’t complete without  food-on-a-stick, and you can find Indian style ice cream, deep fried ice cream and even a corn dog coated with tater tots.

Nebraska State Fair—through September 5. The Nebraska State Fair is located in Grand Island, which is about 2.5 hours from Omaha and 90 minutes from Lincoln. While there, you can check out a tractor demolition derby, plenty of animals from livestock, to chickens and bunnies, as well as lots of concessions and carnival rides.

New Hampshire State Fair—through September 5. The New Hampshire State Fair is located in Hopkinton and fun fact, if you’re staying there and have a utility bill in your name, you can get into the fair for free on specific days. This isn’t your mama’s fair though. There’s a flying water circus, where a stuntman performs aerial tricks above an Olympic sized pool, a monster truck rally and a demolition derby.

New York State Fair—through September 5. Check out kid-friendly (and adult approved) activities like magic shows, pig races and even watch a simulated bomb squad removal demonstration at the New York State Fair in Syracuse. And the food—food vendors come in from all over the country, with some as far away as Washington, to serve up eats and treats during the fair.

Oregon State Fair—through September 5. The Oregon State Fair is in Salem, which is less than an hour from Portland. You’ll find 4H exhibitions, a lumberjack show, marching bands, a science show, livestock shows and even a chocolate cake competition.

South Dakota State Fair—through September 5. The South Dakota Fair is in Huron, which is about two hours from Sioux Falls. If you’re there, check out the antique tractor and classic car show and watch competitors in a grocery bagging competition. And, no South Dakota Fair would be complete without a rodeo.

Washington State Fair—through September 25. The Washington State Fair is in Puyallup, not far from both Seattle and Tacoma. While there, check out the Biggest Little Livestock Show, a show featured entirely on miniature animals, including Dexter cows. There’s also prize winning florals, Lego displays and a dinosaur exhibit.

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