Some Things are just “Better Together”

Peanut Butter and Jelly. March and Madness. Batman and Robin.

No doubt some things are just Better Together. And here at Triage, we are excited to announce that we’ve found the “yin” to our “yang.” Triage is partnering with healthcare staffing gurus TaleMed in our continued pursuit of making Staffing Simplified.

Not familiar with TaleMed? You should be. With a reputation for delivering innovative solutions for clients, while making sure their travelers always feel like “one of the family,” TaleMed has been consistently rated a top agency in our space. Together, as one company, we create The Dream Team. TaleMed’s concentration in nursing bolsters our current foothold and their physical location in Cincinnati deepens the talent pool for our in-house staff.

Simply stated, our two companies are Better Together. Better how? We’re so glad you asked. By combining forces, We are Bigger. We are Stronger. We are Bolder.

Bigger Together

We’ll go ahead and say it. Size matters. By partnering together, our company grows in size which opens up opportunities not available to us alone. Sometimes bigger is, in fact, better. This partnership puts Triage in a top tier with many vendor partners; travelers can expect access to more jobs and more opportunity.


Triage and TaleMed are two halves that come together to make a better whole. We’re like brothers from another mother. Our people, our processes, our thinking complement one another in ways which will allow us to serve travelers and clients more holistically.

Bolder Together

We’ve got big ideas—industry busting ideas. And we realized we could bring those ideas to life faster and more fully, together. Let’s do this, already.

You can still count on Triage to keep it Real, so our travelers and clients are Ready for what’s next. Just be ready for us to be Better Together with TaleMed.

Stay tuned over the coming months as our two companies take the court as one united team. Like Pippen dishing to Jordan, we’re here to make plays and take home championships.

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