Contract Update: Sick Time

Team Triage, 

We’re making some changes to the Triage contract, effective when you sign your next contract. With all new assignments, you’ll see a few changes in the fine print. We’re all about being Real and Ready with you, so here’s a link to the full contract to check out. California travelers, your contract is here.  

Triage will be transitioning away from a vacation bonus (all accruals will end on 12.31.22). This change allows us to accommodate the growing number of states and municipalities that require sick pay. What’s this mean for you? 

You’ll now be be paid (depending on individual state and municipality accrual) when you’re sick on assignment. Have 12 hours saved up and get sick one day? You’ll still be paid for the shift you miss, just like a staff employee would. 

If you have questions about your current vacation bonus accruals, contact your recruiter for the scoop.