Triage Triumphs: Healthcare Recruiter Day Edition

Yesterday was National Recruiter Day so we asked our travelers what they appreciated about their own recruiters. We love that so many of you have a great relationship with your recruiters and we’re happy to highlight some of those relationships.

Sierra is such an amazing recruiter! She definitely help me jump into the traveling life and I could not do it without her! I never felt pressure and she ALWAYS checks in. Thank you Sierra for all you do for me and many others!!—Krystal

Brian Tyler!!! I miss you and I’m still so thankful for everything you did for me when I was traveling!! Hope you’ve been doing well and keeping up the great work!!—Whitney

Meg Bianchi is AMAZING! She always comes through. Terrific communication, timely, and friendly.—Allana

Allan San Diego!!! He is the best and I am glad to have him as my recruiter!—Dayana

Cindy Davis!!!!!!! You are the best! Thank you for all you do!!!—Katie

Abby Keiss!!!! Love, love, love. Thank you for all the great assignments. 5 yrs of putting up with me. lol—Cynthia

Thanks Louis Teal for a contract close to home with extension after extension! You always answer even the smallest question in record time (even if it’s not the answer I wanted, Lol!)—Carrie

Allan San Diego is the most amazing recruiter around!! Happy Recruiter Day!! Sorry I didn’t know this earlier today!—Tonya

Nick Baxter is amazing! He has helped me through thick and thin. Can’t wait to work with him again!—Sandra

Abby Keiss is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all that you do.—Tanya

Ross Patton has been a great help for the 2 years I have been working with him!—Torie

Thank you all for all you do. We don’t know half of what it takes to get us placed. I know my recruiter is like a friend and I am so grateful for a good relationship with her.—Jennifer

Ross Schroder is awesome! Thank you for everything you do!!!—Lindsay

Chris Shannon is the best!!! I have traveled with him for 3+ years and 12 contracts!! I trust him whole heartedly and always know he is there for me as a recruiter and friend! He deserves ALL the recognition.—Allie

Ryan Rolfzen is hands down the best!! Thankful to have him in our corner!—Mara

Abby Keiss!!! Awesomeness!—Nancy

Ryan Jesse, you are the best!—Amy

Happy Recruiter Day Brett Robertson! You’re the best!—Michaela

Dierdre Simpson is the best! Hard working, efficient, and treats you like you are her only employee. Consider her as a friend.—Angela

Tom Juberian is awesome!—Corey

Shout out to Jesse Adams!!!! He is the best!—Susan

Joe Trapp is the GOAT—Victoria

Brooke Dutton is definitely the best! Easy to work with and is easy to reach for any issues!—Vicki

Kyle Doerr is my recruiter & I cannot say enough about how pleased I am!!!—Michelle

Abby Keiss is a gem. Please give her props—Jennifer

Amanda Trader is amazing! I absolutely love her!—Sarah

Danielle Harrison is simply the best!!—Katie

Amanda Trader is the absolute best!! Couldn’t do this without her!—Kayla

Thank you Ashlen Johnson for years of great service and Louis Teal who has stepped in to help on occasion.—Jason

Love Alicia AllisKaren

Dino, is the best. Thank you for all you do.—Judy

Devon Howe,Thanks for being tenacious! We appreciate you!—Sara

Tom Juberian is the best!!!—Kayla

Love Kelly Murphy!!!!—Heather

Big shout out to my recruiter Brooke Dutton!!!—Marci

Sean is the best!!!!—Sammy

Jenna is awesome! Best recruiter ever!—Danielle

Olan Kline is the best!!!—Alexis

Brooke Mastalir is the best!! I appreciate her dedication!—Andrea

Loyal member of the Travis Fan Club!!!!—Carly

Joe Trapp. 10/10 would recommend. Best recruiter I’ve ever had.—Brittney

Shout out to Katie Hinkle!!!!! Best recruiter ever!!!—Michelle

Lana is the BEST recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. 6+ years and I’ll only work with her because of how amazing she is.—Bianca

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