Nursing Memes to Celebrate Nurses Week

It’s the start of Nurses Week and to celebrate we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite nursing memes. Do you have a favorite? Connect with us on social and share your favorite meme with us—we might just feature it.


Nurses everywhere feel this in their soul. If you’re a nurse, chances are good that you’ve had a friend or relative call and ask for some medical advice over the phone. From all the non-nurses who have done this in the past, we thank you.


Bless those night shift nurses. They’re a special breed of nurses who choose to stay up all night and care for those patients, but by the time morning comes around, they’re ready to get out and go home.


Thanks Grey’s Anatomy for this gem. Those baby doctors come in, thinking they know everything, but quickly understand who’s really in charge. Listen to the nurses. Respect the nurses. Do whatever the nurses say. It’s that easy.


Everyone has that one patient from time to time. You know—the one that everyone else seems to have a problem with, yet for some reason you’ve connected. Don’t ask why, just accept it!


Don’t worry, your friends and family will understand. And if they don’t, remind them of all the free medical questions they’ve asked you in the past.


Everyone knows nurses don’t sit down at work. There’s no time! That’s how you can tell this is a stock photo by a model who doesn’t really work in a hospital.


Working nights definitely does take a toll on your body, but it’s not quite this extreme. If you’re a night nurse, make sure you take some time to take care of yourself.


Well, Grey’s Anatomy can’t get them all right. This scene shows three doctors helping a patient move around. A lovely thought, but we know who’s really doing this work in the hospital.


It’s fine. You’re fine. Here’s to all you nurses who go without breaks to care for your patients and their loved ones. We hope you get a chance to sit down and maybe a new pair of shoes.


Experienced nurses everywhere know there’s a difference between how something is taught in nursing school vs how it’s actually done. New nurses, learn from the experienced folks on your floor—you’ll be a better nurse for it.

This Nurses Week, take a minute to get a few laughs in. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine.

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