Netflix Alternatives for Healthcare Travelers

If you’re a healthcare traveler and a Netflix user, you’ve probably heard the news about Netflix cracking down on password sharing. In a nutshell, Netflix is requiring verification that you own the account, especially if you access Netflix from a location other than your home (hello, travelers). This is supposed to make password sharing more difficult and force folks to sign up for their own accounts, but seems like it’s creating more of a hassle for a number of its legitimate users.

Even Netflix doesn’t seem to know what its plan is. At first, the company said that users would need to log into the streaming service via their home internet network at least once every 30 days. Cue the outcry from people like healthcare travelers, truck drivers, college students or really anyone who doesn’t live at home, not to mention folks to like to use a VPN for internet security. After thinking it over for a few days, Netflix then said they would offer a second verification method.

The new plan is that users will request a verification link that’s sent to their email address or phone number. The link has to be clicked within 15 minutes and then a four digit code can be entered on the device. Originally Netflix said they would ask folks to do this weekly, but they’re now walking that back and saying they haven’t decided what that will be.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of Netflix alternatives (in no particular order).

Prime Video: Amazon’s Prime Video offers more than 90,000 movies and TV shows. And unlike Netflix, if something isn’t offered with the Prime Video service, it may be possible to rent or buy content, which is great if you want to continuously binge your favorite shows without worrying they’ll disappear from a content platform. Prime Video is included with an Amazon Prime membership, so if you already have one, you have access to the platform.

Hulu: There are a couple different options for Hulu. There’s regular Hulu with ads enabled (the cheapest option at $7.99 a month) or you can upgrade to Hulu No Ads for $14.99. This lets you watch available shows the next day. Want to catch your shows live? You can opt into Hulu Live with or without ads for $69.99 or $82.99 a month. These plans include Disney+, as well as ESPN+.

HBO Max: HBO Max includes all your favorite HBO shows, plus long-time favorites. The plans are either Standard or Basic and you may be able to get a discount if you subscribe through another service. HBO Max and Discovery+ recently announced they were merging, but they haven’t announced what that really means for subscribers yet.

AppleTV: AppleTV features favorites like Ted Lasso and has a partnership with MLB so if you’re a baseball fan, it might be a must for you. You can watch on any mobile or streaming devices—you don’t need an Apple device for it to work. Bonus, if you recently purchased a new Apple device, it may come with a year of AppleTV included.

Paramount+: Paramount+ offers shows from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV and the Smithsonian channel, with original programming and old favorites. Plus, it can be bundled with Showtime for an additional fee.

Peacock: Peacock houses old standbys such as The Office, but has new programming that’s exclusive to the streaming service, such as Yellowstone. And if you’re a Real Housewives fan, you’ll find Bravo shows on the service.

Fubo: If you’re a sports fan, Fubo might be your pick. It’s got the MLB, NFL and NBA, as well as Premier League, Champions League and MLS for those soccer fans. The number of channels offered may change by your zip code, so check out their full list of channels before you commit.

YouTube TV: YouTube TV offers more than 100 channels, including PBS, BET, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, as well as a DVR. The service costs $64.99 a month, plus offers add-ons like HBO Max, Showtime and more to streamline your streaming.

Philo: At just $25 a month, Philo is said to be one of the most affordable streaming services out there. Popular networks include AMC, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, HGTV, Lifetime, MTC, TLC and more. Users can add on networks like Starz, Sony Movies and more.

Are we missing any popular streaming platforms? If you’ve tried a few, which one is your favorite? Let us know.